Sorting Through Various Face Masks Infectious Disease Expert Suggests Nano-Silver Technology

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Many states are going back into lockdown due to COVID-19 and there is a conversation about a national facemask mandate. Since the very beginning of the virus, people have turned to wearing face masks while in public space and have used everything from hospital grade N95 surgical and clinical masks to scarves and bandanas. To get a better sense of which face coverings that are the effective to help ensure the safety and health of yourself and your family.

The biggest question surrounding face masks is, do they work? The answer is, yes! The latest data and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and other leading experts confirm that face masks are a necessity to protect against the coronavirus.

To be effective, wear a mask properly—make sure it is fitted properly to your face and it covers your nose. It is recommended that each person keep up with the best health practices in the United States until this virus is defeated, which includes regularly washing your hands, avoid touching your face, and follow social distancing guidelines.

The Most Important Face Mask Features

A mask with a hydrophobic outer layer to disperse droplets before they can penetrate deeper layers offers optimal protection. Ensuring the mask has a tight weave or filtered middle layer for added protection that will block transmission will add a protective integrity. You should also choose an inner layer that is hydrophilic to wick moisture away from the nose and mouth.

A good mask should fit your face perfectly and include layers between your face and the outside world. Just as the three and five-layer surgical masks are vital for those who want added protection while wearing them, cloth masks with layers also offer added protection as well.

One of the highest quality, most durable masks available today are designed with Nano-Silver Technology. This technology features the added benefit of integrating antimicrobial features into your mask to help protect you from a wider variety of immunity-threatening particles. This is useful for anyone searching for everyday face masks and is especially helpful for those with compromised immune systems or at-risk populations.

The Nano-Silver mask is made by Boomer Naturals Face Masks and is available in different sizes and styles. These masks offer the right fit and include high-tech layers and fabrics to ensure the best possible protection for you and those around you. Independent laboratory tests performed at a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered laboratory show the Boomer Nano-Silver Reusable Face Masks have >99.99% antimicrobial activity even after a 24-hour contact period. This means Boomer Naturals’ Reusable Face Masks offer exceptional protection that can’t be found in a homemade fabric mask, cotton mask, or surgical mask.

According to infectious disease expert Dr. Christina Madison, Boomer Natural’s face mask can provide significant safeguards over other forms of face masks. “Wear a quality face mask such as those from Boomer Naturals, wash your hands, disinfect frequently touched surfaces, limit time spent indoors around people not in your family unit, social distance, and avoid large gatherings,” said Dr. Madison.

“If people insist on gathering for the holidays, they MUST wear a mask. Not all masks are made equal, and grandma and grandpa should have a high-quality mask that meets the WHO recommendations. Boomer Naturals face mask is a highly effective laboratory tested with three tightly woven fabric layers with nano silver technology,” added Dr. Madison.

For people who need the convenience of a neck gator, again, look for gators that have more than one layer of protection and offers soft, lightweight polyester/spandex blends that provide extra protection by preventing droplets from spreading.

Surgical Masks

Surgical masks have been hotly debated this year, but mostly over misunderstandings about their design and who should be wearing them. While they come in one, three, and five layers, the design of surgical masks is two-fold. One reason is that they are meant to be worn by patients who are already sick and can be contagious. By placing a surgical mask on the patient, healthcare workers are protecting themselves from sneezes and coughs that may put them at risk. Secondly, these masks are worn by medical professionals during surgery to reduce the risk factor of infections in the patient. Surgical masks, mainly single-layer masks, are not an effective everyday defense against COVID-19 when compared to the other options currently available to the public.

 The Least Effective Face Mask

Grabbing an old t-shirt from your closet or digging out a neck gaiter from your hiking and fishing gear was initially the best and fastest way to create a layer of protection around your mouth and nose. However, the more we’ve learned about the virus, the better equipped we are to make more knowledgeable choices.  Unfortunately, neck fleece and bandana are the least effective face masks.

A study published in Science Advances showed these two options are actually the least effective coverings to wear for protection against coronavirus. Fleece doesn’t have the wicking power to keep moisture from building up. This creates added risk for the wearer and the people around them. Bandanas are also not a great choice either. A bandana’s construction does not cover the face effectively leaving space around the nose area exposed by now fitting snug.


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