Simple Tips For Restful Sleep


You can admit it. There’s nothing better than a restful night’s sleep, right? Waking up actually feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the day- it does not get any better.

If it has been a while since you got that blissful sleep, I want to help you get your much needed zzz’s.

It’s time to consider some essential oils for better sleep, and you came to the right place.

One of the Pillars of a healthy life is the importance of sleeping deep.  Resting at the end of the day and waking up in the morning would seems like it should be easy, but we know that that just isn’t the case for so many of us.

Don’t be frustrated if sleep doesn’t come easy for you. That usually just makes the situation worse. Instead, try smelling your way to better rest.

Certain scents are linked to better shut eye and require very little work on your part. No counting sheep, no reading the most boring thing you can find, no listening to ocean noises that make you seasick.

Try sniffing these 3 essential oils for sleep, and you just may have to check tomorrow morning to see if in fact you’re wearing footed jammies – your sleep may be that good.

3 Essential Oils for Sleep:

Lavender: Probably the most famous scent linked to sweet dreams is lavender. Research has shown it helps to slow your heart rate, increase drowsiness, lower your blood pressure and promote calming. Leave a little bottle of lavender oil on your night table and rub a couple of drops into your palms. You can also leave a bowl of lavender flowers on your nightstand, but also make sure to move your charging iphone away from your nightstand and that you have definitely shut off by bedtime.

Chamomile: A cup of chamomile tea releases a relaxation aroma that is good for the mind and soul. Chamomile is linked to feelings of calm, and managing symptoms of stress and relaxation. If you’re worried about trips to the bathroom all night, skip sipping. Wrap your mitts around a mug and inhale. The smell alone will do the trick to help your slumber. You can also put a couple drops of essential oil in your humidifier for long lasting effects.

Vanilla: Vanilla isn’t only for your baked goods. It’s linked with the feel good hormones that help you sleep. Yes, you can have a cup of warm milk with vanilla, like you used to as a kid, but have you tried massaging your hands with vanilla oil? Or put a couple drops of vanilla in an atomizer and sprayed it on your pillow before hitting the sack? If it’s anxiety that’s keeping your peepers open, give a whiff of vanilla a go.

Sweet dreams friends. Your sleep is worthy of your time and effort, and a good night’s rest will make a healthy day of eating, hydrating, destressing, and exercising that much easier.

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