Signs that Stress is Making You Physically Ill

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Millions of people around the world suffer from mental health issues. Others even ended up taking their own lives since they could no longer control how their mind works. These severe problems begin with simple stress. You experience a stressful situation, and you failed to handle it. When stress starts taking a toll on your physical health, it could lead to more serious problems. These are the signs of stress being a silent killer.

You break out in hives

When you suddenly have itchy red bumps all over your body, it could be due to stress. It’s true, especially if you couldn’t remember taking anything that could lead to a severe allergic reaction. When the body starts to experience excessive stress, the immune system releases histamine to fight what it perceives as an invader. If the stress doesn’t go away soon, it leads to hives. However, you should still see a doctor if the problem persists.

Your weight begins to fluctuate

Some people think that the only visible sign of stress is weight loss or weight gain. Fluctuating weight could also be a sign. Stress triggers the release of cortisol, a hormone that impairs your body’s ability to process blood sugar and changes your metabolism. It’s the reason why even if you don’t eat much, you still gain weight. However, after a few days, you drastically lose weight.

You keep having headaches

When you feel like something is pounding in your head, it’s a sign that you feel stressed. Stress releases chemicals causing changes in the nerves and blood vessels in the brain. It’s even worse when you already have a history of migraine. Your headache will become more severe.

You have stomach problems

Stress can disrupt the regular function of your digestive system. Your body might produce more digestive acid leading to heartburn. It could also increase the contraction of your colon, leading to diarrhoea. It’s also possible that your fluctuating emotions could adversely affect the digestive processes.

These are only a few signs that stress is already creeping up your system. You need to relax and learn how to stay away from things bothering you. Stressful situations will always be around. It would help if you handled them well and stay positive. You can also practice mindfulness activities, so you can focus on yourself and not the negativities surrounding you.

However, you should be cautious about some symptoms. You might think that they’re stress-related, but they could also be something else. For instance, if you have digestive issues, they could be due to a bacterial infection. The best thing to do is to consult a doctor to get the right diagnosis. You will also receive a prescription to treat the illness. If asked to take antibiotics, you need not worry. You can now buy antibiotics online. It’s a straightforward process. You will receive your order and start your path to recovery. If your doctor suspects that stress is behind your medical issues, you have to consider seeking help from a mental health expert. 

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