Ten Strategies To Better Manage Emotions

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Instead of stuffing, ignoring or acting out your negative emotions, people should learn how to manage them more effectively. We all have important things we need to work on to improve our habits, communication, relationships, and daily functioning.  We all have a wide range of emotions to field on a day-to-day basis. The top three most people often describe as negative emotions are anxiety, sadness and anger.

Here are ten strategies to better manage emotions and make life more enjoyable:

1. Calm Your Nerves. Learn how to settle down your mind, calm your body, decrease fear and get control over worry.

2. Beat The Blues. Sadness is part of the human experience. Learn some tips to help you set aside the sadness when you’re feeling low.

3. Knock Out Anger. Beat up on anger before it beats up on you. Anger often feels out of control, but it does serve a purpose and can be managed. Learn tips that can help.

4. Lighten Up. What the funk? Sometimes things just feel off, and we don’t know quite what to do. Research tips to skillfully manage the mixture of emotions life can bring.

5. Feel Happier Today. Happiness researchers suggest that we are in charge of about 40 percent of our happiness, with 10 percent determined by external events and the other 50 percent predetermined by genetics and upbringing.

6. Get Your Point Across. Speak up. Communication is critical but often not so easy. Uncover tips to get you on the right track when you’re talking to those other pesky humans.

7. Survive Sticky Situations. Life typically presents us with a variety of challenges, ranging from the very small to the very large. The book has suggestions about how to change the sticky situations of life from problems into opportunities.

8. Enhance Relationships. The joy of connection: At the end of the day, relationships are what give most people a strong motivation to enjoy this awesome planet of ours.

9. De-Stress. Managing life’s inevitable stressors is critical for your physical and mental health. Discover ways to help you stress less.

10. Live The Life You Want. Healthy relationships, enjoyable activities, meaningful work and an emphasis on living your best life systematically improves your overall well-being.

 Dr. Carrie (nee McCrudden) Johansson, author of the book Self-Help On The Go: Because You Are Not Broken, But Life Gets Tricky Sometimes (2022, Indie Books International).

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