RollinGreens Shakes Up On-the-Go Meal Market

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 RollinGreens, the #1 shelf-stable plant-based meat brand on the market, announces the launch of Plant-Powered Meal Bowls. The new collection of four on-the-go meals deliver a powerful punch of protein in a convenient heat-and-eat package, revolutionizing how to eat healthful, delicious meals with packed schedules and busy lives.

RollinGreens Plant-Powered Meal Bowls are designed to make meals on the move easy and flavorful, all while providing an incredible protein source to power you through your day. The shelf-stable bowl packages come in four craveable flavors, and include RollinGreens M’EAT and CHIC’KEN to offer up to 23g of protein in a single serving. Just add water, and after three minutes in the microwave you have a satisfying meal anytime, anywhere. The new RollinGreens Bowls also cater to a wide range of dietary preferences and requirements: they are certified gluten-free, soy-free, shelf-stable, certified non-GMO and certified Kosher as standard with all RollinGreens products.

“In today’s world, we work at an accelerated pace and frequently overlook ourselves, leaving little time throughout the day to nourish our bodies with the high-protein meals we need,” said Lindsey Cunningham, Co-Founder and CEO of RollinGreens. “We have taken the time to create these delicious, filling and healthful meals, so you can reserve your precious minutes for what matters most. With our new RollinGreens Plant-Powered Bowls, there is no need to compromise on flavor, nutrition or convenience. Chef Ko has made it easier than ever to enjoy wholesome, plant-powered protein to fuel your day.”

The RollinGreens Plant-Powered Meal Bowls come in four flavor bomb varieties, crafted by the brand’s very own Chef Ko, and offer lunch, dinner or a snack in minutes that include protein, rice, vegetables and seasoning. All four Bowls include ingredients consumers will recognize for a whole-food solution in a shelf-stable package:

  • RollinGreens Plant-Based M’EAT Classic Chili Bowl – The most protein-packed of the bunch thanks to RollinGreens M’EAT and black beans, this Bowl contains 23g of protein and hearty chili ingredients. This southwest inspired chili feels and tastes like it has been simmering on your stovetop for hours!
  • RollinGreens Plant-Based M’EAT Mexican Rice Bowl – A robust combination of traditional bold Mexican flavors featuring RollinGreens M’EAT, rice, bell peppers, onion, garlic, and classic seasonings like chili pepper, cumin with a touch of jalapeƱo. This tasty bowl includes 16g of protein.
  • RollinGreens Plant-Based CHIC’KEN Teriyaki Rice Bowl – A play on a classic Teriyaki bowl, sweet and savory. Including the brand’s own plant-based CHIC’KEN, made from fermented shiitake mushroom, rice and pea, and accent flavors like onion, garlic and ginger. A satisfying meal solution with 15g of protein!
  • RollinGreens Plant-Based CHIC’KEN Stir Fry Rice Bowl – A mealtime classic. Our CHIC’KEN Stir Fry bowl includes 16 g of protein, rice, peas and carrots for a delicious on-the-go solution and perfect deskside lunch.

When co-founders Lindsey and Ryan met, the couple knew they wanted to build something together and make a difference in the food space. In 2011, they revived Ryan’s parents’ food truck from the 1980s, called RollinGreens, with the vision of bringing local, organic goodness back to their hometown of Boulder, CO. Over five years, RollinGreens grew from a beloved farmer’s market fixture and catering service into national retail, appearing on Shark Tank, and now gracing more than 4,500 doors nationwide with RollinGreens shelf-stable plant-based meal options.

With the highest-quality ingredients, sustainability, and culinary taste at the brand’s core, RollinGreens brings truly clean eating to the table while creating a new generation of delicious, convenient food the whole family will love.

RollinGreens Bowls will be available for purchase at  and select retailers nationwide starting July 2024. For more information, visit

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