Risks of Mirena Device You Must Know


Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life because she carries another life in one body for nine months before giving birth. However, sometimes, this comes as a planned consequence and sometimes not. With much advancement in technology, women choose to carve their edges these days. Mirena IUD is a birth control device that is installed in the uterus so that women can avoid pregnancy after having sex. However, just as we talk about the pros of anything, it is equally important to talk about the cons that exist.

How does Mirena IUD work?

Mirena IUD is a birth control device. It is planted in a woman’s uterus, and it prevents a lady from getting pregnant. Some IUD’s are made of copper and excrete hormones by the end. However, the Mirena IUD is a bit different because it secretes progesterone, which then magnifies the cervical mucus. Therefore the sperm cannot enter a body, which thus prevents unwanted pregnancy. However, there are many side effects and risk that are associated with the installation of Mirena IUD in the human body.

What are the risks associated with Mirena IUD?

Well, the risks associated with Mirena IUD can surely not be overlooked, if you have planned to get it installed in your body then stop right here. Don’t proceed unless you don’t read the warnings below:

  1. Painful Cramping

Women who installed this device in their uterus complained to have cramps in the body. Cramps can be quite painful and disturbing on the same lines.

  1. Device Migration

This is perhaps another major risk that is associated with this device. Device migration is yet another complaint that has been lodged by women who got it manifested in their uteruses.

  1. Mental Health

If you were looking for the adverse risks involved, then here, you are. Mirena doesn’t just affect physical health but is also responsible for affecting the mental health of many women. Many women have claimed that it caused depression and also instigated suicidal thoughts.

  1. Fatigue

This is yet another side effect of this machine. Most women who choose to get this device installed are working women. Going out for work and staying active is very imperative for them. However, this device has again been put in the red zone because of its ability to curtail somebody’s active mood and causing them to feel weaker.

  1. Organ perforation

This can lead to somebody’s death. Mirena does successfully continues with its work but can lead to somebody losing their life. Organ perforation means that a part of the body will have a hole in it and as a result, internal bleeding could start.

Moreover, there are many more issues that women suffer when they get this device removed, the most severe of which is the creation of hormone imbalance in the body called the mirena crash. More than hundreds of lawsuits have already been filed against the maker of this device.

Last thoughts!

Mirena device is rampantly being used around the globe by young girls. The problem is that young people don’t realize the damage that they are about to do to their bodies and thus land on many problems.

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