Rise of online therapy and the downfall of brick-and-mortar therapy

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Among the shocking facts which researchers have found regarding the total number of people suffering from depression is that around 65% of the sufferers of severe depression never seek professional or expert help. It was later on found that half of the sufferers of bipolar disorder also don’t seek treatment or don’t receive a proper diagnosis. Just imagine the total number of additional days or years or months they have spent suffering unnecessarily with different mental health conditions like depression. It’s quite depressing to think about, no pun intended.

It is one of the most interesting dilemmas – that people with depression and other such issues are not seeking help of experts and professionals. Though it is understandable that there are many who don’t wish to spend thousands of dollars a month for the sake of therapy, the bottom line is there is no beating around the bush. You need to take care of yourself.

We all know that money contributes to the majority of your stress in life. It’s the deciding factor when people decide to purchase something or not. This is no different, and in fact is especially true, when it comes to receiving therapy. The good news is that there is online therapy. The name speaks for itself, and has actually been around since the early 2000s. However, it really only started going mainstream over the past 3-4 years. And now, people can’t stop looking for it and signing up. Between the few dozen providers out there, tens of millions of people have already used online therapy. Most of these sessions were conducted through the biggest online therapy providers in the world like Betterhelp and Talkspace. These are two massive companies who work with thousands of certified therapists and counselors.

Online therapy – the alternate solution

Thankfully, we presently dwell in the 21s century and hence we have lots of alternatives. With the kind of technology changes that we have today, there are several companies which have emerged and also started offering expert services to the entire mental health community. As noted above, BetterHelp is one such company which provides the best kind of online therapy service at a very nominal cost. A client can start the chat sessions with the therapist by paying around 35 dollars per week and with this, they can have daily conversations through chat messenger or through video calls.

With these counseling mobile apps that you can install on your smartphone, you get regular check-ins with the therapist. This can work wonders for someone who is trying hard to push through their own procrastinated behavior. As against conventional face-to-face therapy where you get to schedule the session at least once a week or biweekly to have a chat with your therapist, with online therapy, you can stay in daily touch with the therapist.

Few benefits of online therapy which makes it popular

  • The cost-effectiveness
  • Therapists are accredited and licensed
  • Frequency of staying in touch
  • No physical offices, convenience
  • Privacy and anonymity

It’s really no surprise to see traditional counseling fall off the map. With such affordable solutions like the mobile apps which are dedicated to helping people with mental health issues, it has become easier to find the help of counselors and therapists. Don’t sit back and let the issues grow. Get help before it soars out of control.

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