Reasons for Your Increase in Screen Time and What You Can Do About It

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Some smartphones now have a feature that tells users how much screen time they had for the week. It also indicates which activities they spent the most time doing. You might notice that since the start of the quarantine, your screen time skyrocketed. Sure, you’re mostly at home, and you feel bored. It could be the reason why you always use your phone. The truth is that there are other reasons why your screen time is way too high these days.

You don’t do anything productive 

You already resigned with the idea that you’re at home and you couldn’t do other things. The only fun activity you can think of is to use your smartphone. Whether it’s for browsing social media pages or playing video games, you think it’s the only meaningful activity. 

In reality, even if you’re at home, you can do many things. You can spend time chatting with your siblings. When you’re always busy, you rarely do it. You can also try practicing a new language. You have more time to focus since you’re always at home. You can also take your cooking skills to the next level. These activities don’t require you to use your phone and are worth trying.

Your smartphone has all the features you need 

There was a time when you have to look at different things to tell the time, date, and direction. With a smartphone, everything is in one device. It could be the reason why you no longer drop your phone. It seems to contain everything you need in life. Why don’t you try getting back to the basics? Instead of writing things on your computer, you can get a notebook and a pen. You can also try board games and other fun activities that don’t require a smartphone. Invite your family members to play with you to make it more fun.

You care much about what others think

You can’t drop your phone because you use social media all the time. Once you posted an update, you want to know how many likes you received. You want to read all the comments and respond to them right away. You even argue in some instances. You couldn’t stop thinking about what others think about you and your thoughts. If you stop doing it, you can rest the use of smartphones. You will realize that social media isn’t as important as you think it is. 

Your goals in life are unclear

When you have to target in life, it’s easy for you to keep using your phone. You spend hours playing games because you think that there’s no pending task for you to finish. It’s time to reflect on your goals and take steps to reach them.

You should act on your problem and reduce screen time to prevent issues related to radiation entering your body. You can also invest in EMF protection to block radiation. If you can’t control your screen time, you can at least protect yourself. 

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