Probiotic and prebiotic-packed cookies

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 Enzymedica, trusted leader in natural digestive health, makes its debut in the functional foods category, proudly introducing new Fiber+ Cookies. Fiber is incredibly beneficial to gut health, heart health and overall mood, but only five percent of adults in the United States meet their daily fiber requirements. That’s why Enzymedica has set its sights on fixing the fiber gap by offering consumers an innovative and convenient way to meet their fiber needs in a single, hassle-free serving. The good-for-you benefits are numerous, but these cookies also boast a thin and crisp texture and a delightful blend of flavors, making them a treat for the body and the taste buds.

Enzymedica’s Fiber+ Cookies are powered by MB40 probiotics, exclusive to Enzymedica, which have been researched to effectively combat belly bloat, even at room temperature, and feature soluble corn fiber, a prebiotic fiber with scientific backing for supporting gut regularity and promoting beneficial gut bacteria.


“These new Fiber+ Cookies are such a natural addition to our family of digestive health products,” says Ryan Sensenbrenner, senior director of marketing at Enzymedica. “Our goal is to make it easier than ever for consumers to meet their daily fiber requirements, which we know is so beneficial to overall health and wellness.”

Enzymedica’s Fiber+ Cookies are vegan, soy-free, dairy-free and contain no artificial fillers or colors. Each 2-cookie, 90 calorie serving delivers five grams of dietary fiber, along with clinically studied probiotics and prebiotics designed to beat belly bloat, promote regularity and satisfy hunger. Consumers can choose between two flavors, Harvest Oat and Blueberry, and purchase at Vitamin Shoppe, Sprouts and local health food stores, as well as on Enzymedica’s website. Each 16-count bag typically retails for $7.49 ($10.49 MSRP).

Enzymedica is also excited to expand their fiber offerings with the addition of a Fiber+ Gummy. This gummy has a delicious blood orange flavor, and provides the same benefits as the cookies, including MB40 probiotics. Fiber fans will be hearing more about them soon!

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