Plants You Need to Stay Away From

poison ivy

While nature can be magical, it can also be quite dangerous. Even some of the plants are dangerous! That shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying nature, though. The best way to defend yourself against dangerous plants is to educate yourself.

Here are some of the common plants that you need to stay away from!

1. Poison Ivy

Anyone who has come into contact with poison ivy can tell you exactly how obnoxious the plant can be. Touching it causes an impossibly itchy rash. Poison ivy is quite common, making contact with it very common. While it’s relatively common, it’s still a good idea to get a doctor to get something strong to help soothe the itching. Make sure that anyone going into the woods knows how to identify this plant to avoid it.

2. The Suicide Tree

Disarmingly beautiful, this Asian plant produces a toxin called cerberin. While it’s hard to determine exactly how many people have died from this plant because cerberin won’t show up in an autopsy, one study suggested that over 500 people died from the plant in one year.

3. Coca Plant

Some plants are made dangerous after human interference. The coca plant is an abundant plant that can be turned into the popular street drug cocaine. While found in nature, it should not be consumed by humans in any form. According to this article, there are a number of ways to help you or someone you love overcome their cocaine addiction.

4. Oleander

Oleander is a relatively strong plant and be grown almost anywhere. Everything from the flowers to the stem is poisonous. If you come into contact with the plant, you need to get to a doctor right away. If you don’t treat your poison, it could eventually put you into a coma and then lead to death.

5. Wolf’s bane

People have known about this dangerous plant since ancient times. In fact, many people think that some famous people have been poisoned by the plant. While some of the plants require consumption to be dangerous, this plant will injure you simply by touching it. This plant is so powerful that it will start to affect a person in a manner of minutes.

6. Manchineel Tree

These trees grow fruit that can easily be mistaken for a small apple. However, that can prove to be a fatal mistake! Eating the fruit will almost certainly leave you dead. Anyone in South and Central America should be careful before picking fruit from this tree.

The best way to protect yourself from dangerous plants is to get educated! If you are aware of what plants can be dangerous, you’ll know to stay away from them. If you’re ever unsure about a particular plant, it’s a good idea to ask someone more knowledgeable before you find yourself in a hospital bed or, even worse, a casket. Don’t be afraid to double check before touching or consuming an unknown plant. Furthermore, when you know a particular plant is dangerous, it’s best to say no.

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