9 Amazing Health Benefits of Pineapple Water

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Pineapple is a tropical fruit that’s rich in many nutrients needed for optimal health. But a lesser known way to enjoy the benefits of pineapple is making pineapple water: a detoxifying, low-sugar beverage that benefits every system in the body. In this article, you’ll learn the many benefits of this delicious, nutritious drink, and how to make pineapple water to lose weight and feel your best.

What is pineapple water?

Pineapple water is simply water infused with fresh pineapple chunks. Leaving a few chunks of pineapple pieces in water allows the water to take on the flavor and nutritious elements of the fruit. 

Is pineapple water good for you?

Pineapple water is an extremely beneficial drink for your whole body. It helps flush out toxins, improve digestion, relieve bloating, and reduce swelling and pain in the joints. It can even help you lose weight, boost your immune system and fight cancer.  Plus, it’s a great source of vitamins and minerals. 

Two key nutrients in pineapple water are vitamin C and bromelain. Vitamin C supports immune health and the formation of collagen, a protein in the body that gives skin its strength and structure. Bromelain is a type of enzyme called a proteolytic enzyme, found in pineapple flesh, juice, and stems. It causes the body to produce anti-inflammatory chemicals, slow blood clotting, and even fight cancer.

Pineapple water benefits

Improves the function of the thyroid gland

The iodine and bromelain in pineapple water are anti-inflammatory, and can, therefore, ease symptoms associated with thyroiditis.  The high vitamin C content in pineapple water may help reduce thyroid antibodies in those with certain conditions, such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Grave’s disease. 

Improves digestion and gut health

Pineapples are the only known food source of bromelain, a combination of enzymes that help the body digest protein more effectively. That’s why pineapple works as a meat tenderizer: the bromelain breaks down the protein and softens the meat. In your body, bromelain makes it easier for you to digest food and absorb its nutrients.

Because the enzymes in pineapple water help break down protein in your gut, this drink can reduce constipation, gas, and bloating. Bromelain also reduces gut inflammation and has antibacterial properties, which can help protect you from bacteria like E.coli.

Fights inflammation

Bromelain reduces inflammation in the body and detoxifies the tissues and organs. So drinking pineapple water on a daily basis can improve injuries and inflammatory conditions like arthritis

Pineapple water is often used as a treatment for sports injuries and may be effective in reducing symptoms of osteoarthritis. It soothes muscles and speeds up their recovery.

Strengthens the teeth and gums

Pineapple is high in calcium, which is crucial for the health of bones and teeth. Pineapples have the ability to actually whiten your teeth and strengthen your gums, as well. Pineapple serves as a kind of cleaning solution for your whole mouth. 

Balances electrolyte levels

Electrolytes are salts and minerals in the body that maintain fluid balance and healthy blood pressure. Examples of electrolytes are sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride. If you’ve got too much or too little of any one electrolyte, you could experience dehydration, overhydration, or other imbalances unless replenished quickly. Pineapple water is rich in potassium, which successfully balances the electrolyte levels and can reduce fatigue.

Eliminates heavy metals and toxins from the body

The special enzymes and antioxidants in pineapple water help neutralize and remove toxins from your bloodstream and liver. Your liver’s job is to detoxify your blood, and pineapple water’s flavonoids, carotenoids and polyphenols make that job easier and more efficient. 

Prevents cancer and boosts immunity

Several studies have shown that the bromelain in pineapple may reduce cancer risk by minimizing oxidative stress and minimizing inflammation. Bromelain may also inhibit tumor growth. Pineapple’s water’s high vitamin C content can also strengthen your immune response, protecting you from cold, flu, and allergy symptoms.

Improves eyesight

The high beta-carotene content of pineapple water can improve eyesight, as it’s a powerful antioxidant. Researchers have confirmed that three or more pineapple servings daily lower the risk of age-related vision issues like macular degeneration, which is the main culprit for blindness in the elderly.

Helps with weight loss 

You may have heard about the benefits of pineapple water for weight loss. Pineapple is a potent diuretic that may help remove excessive water in the body and reduce water retention, and pineapple water is a low-sugar, low-calorie way to do that, compared to pineapple juice. 

Additionally, studies show the bromelain in pineapple water may help reduce excess belly fat, since it helps metabolize protein. Drinking pineapple water on an empty stomach may also help you feel fuller, have fewer sugar cravings, and better convert carbohydrates into energy, due to its thiamine content. 

How to make pineapple water for weight loss, health, and well-being

Try this delicious pineapple water recipe and experience the benefits for yourself.


  • 1 medium-sized pineapple
  • 6 mint leaves
  • 1 l. of water


Peel the pineapple and chop it into small pieces. Then, pour the water in a jar, and add the pineapple chunks. Next, add the mint leaves, close the jar, and leave it in the fridge for 8-10 hours.

For best results, drink pineapple water in the morning daily, on an empty stomach. It’ll energize your body and improve your mood throughout the day by boosting your serotonin. Enjoy!


















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