Photogenic smiles: How to make it happen

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Through movies, Netflix and the media as a whole, it would be fair to say that more and more of us are craving photogenic smiles. Looking back at gleaming, white teeth in the mirror is stuff that dreams are made of for some of us, and it can be easier than you might have first imagined.

Sure, there are dental procedures to help you along your way, with classic whitening techniques and porcelain veneers being two such examples. In terms of more everyday solutions, let’s jump into some through the course of this post.

The classic smoking rule

Hopefully, you are already fully aware about the problems that smoking can have on your teeth and ultimately, your smile. This is one of those factors that has been well-published over the years, in all of the “quit smoking” campaigns that have been doing the rounds.

In short, smoking will stain your teeth. The longer you do it, the worse it gets, while it also affects your gums.

On the subject of staining, and as something of a bonus tip, make sure you exercise caution when it comes to tea, coffee and even red wine. These can all cause the same staining effect, although one tip which can help you is using a straw. This means that the liquid effectively bypasses your teeth.

Turn to an electric toothbrush

They have unquestionably become more popular over the last few years, but for those of you who are still sat on the fence we really can’t emphasize the importance of an electric toothbrush.

Countless studies have shown that they work immensely better than a standard version, and some products even now come armed with a special whitening mode. Of course, you do need to replace the heads every now and again, but this is a small price to pay for teeth that are cleaned so much more efficiently.

The rules on hydration apply here as well

The authorities have been launching campaigns for years telling us to drink more water, with current advice stipulating that we should turn to at least eight glasses per day to stay hydrated.

Making sure that you follow such advice is a good start, but also ensure this hydration isn’t made up by sugary drinks. Water is able to effectively flush any debris from your teeth, without prompting any tooth decay issues. And, as we all known, as soon as you start to turn to any drink which is either acidic or sugary, you are asking for trouble from a healthy smile perspective.

Your diet can make a difference as well

We touched upon diet in the first section of this article, when we spoke about the perils of stains. However, to conclude proceedings, let’s now turn to the wonders of vegetables.

It has been found that if you can turn to raw vegetables, these will naturally clean your teeth.

Then, if you want to take the dietary tips a bit further, the likes of cheese and milk can both repair tooth enamel.

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