Personal Technology Used for Leading a Healthier Life


Over six million people die each year from cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and chronic respiratory diseases. In today’s age, we can grasp the power of data and technology to reduce this number greatly. Most people know what’s good for them yet find it hard to change their daily routines. With over 100,000 health apps on the market, technology is now helping us to do so.

Personal tech and health go hand in hand, and data collected from wearable technology can encourage the consumer to get off the couch and show them what they’re doing wrong. It is expected that 50 billion devices will be connected to health apps by the year 2020, inspiring people to create positive change in their lives.


The Fitbit and similar fitness trackers are a proven way to help people reach their health and fitness goals by motivating them to get moving. It’s powered by a mobile app, smartwatch, and a tracker with a simplified dashboard and reporting tools. The default goal when using the Fitbit is to walk at least 10,000 steps per day. The medical community believes this number helps improve overall fitness and reduces the risk of heart disease. Fitbits are also used as a weight loss and heart rate monitoring tool to decrease BMI and waist size.

The Nike+ FuelBand

This wearable bracelet has accelerometer sensors that track the user’s movement and monitor physical activity. When you pair it with your Bluetooth through a smartphone, it stores your calorie burned, and steps taken to track your activity level. The Nike FuelBand has a LED display that keeps time and displays an animation once you’ve reached your goal.

The SleepBot

Poor sleep can be detrimental to your health. Sleeplessness is clinically proven to have the same harmful effects as alcohol and can contribute to cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, and obesity. The SleepBot tracks your sleep trends and stores the data to allow you to analyze and take notes about your sleep patterns. You check in through the app when you’re about to go to sleep, and check back in when you wake up. Checking in at night automatically silences your phone to eliminate potential disruptions.


There is no denying the serious health risks associated with smoking cigarettes. Study after study has provided conclusive evidence linking prolonged tobacco consumption with an almost endless list of diseases and disorders. With this in mind, the switch to vaping is one of the best things a smoker can do for their health. While e-cigarettes still provide nicotine, vape juice lacks the carcinogens found in tobacco products. What’s more, the variety of vape juice flavors is out of this world compared to the unwaveringly bittersweet taste of tobacco. The best vape subscription box options allow recipients to sample these diverse flavors to find the ones that suit their tastes.


MyFitnessPal is a free website that comes with an app that is so much more than a simple calorie counter. There are over 1 million food items in its barcode-scanning interface. The app imports nutritional information including recommended daily allowances, and serving sizes into your profile. It adds up your calories and uses a pie chart to break down your macros by fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. The website and app encourages its users to take accountability. MyFitnessPal focuses on ensuring you can log your daily meals as efficiently as possible. The easier the platform is to use the more likely you will stay motivated and on track to reaching your weight loss goals.

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