Personal Care During Covid 18– What are portable sensor devices and what should I know when picking one up?


Increasingly popular throughout 2020, portable medical devices are used by many to monitor their personal health and potentially receive an ‘early warning’ about healthcare issues. But with so many options available and occasional coverage, it can be difficult to know how to proceed. So, what exactly is a portable healthcare device and why are they so popular?

What is a portable device?

As it says on the tin, a portable medical device is a reliable piece of kit that allows you to monitor your overall health with ease. Brought about by advancements in technology, units allow you to track key vitals such as blood pressure, your pulse, temperature, blood sugar levels, and more.
Affordable and easily usable, these allow you to carry out regular checks throughout the day and track your health. This can allow you to confirm suspicions of ill-health and give practitioners detailed information about your current state.

Why are the proving popular?

The recent rise of Covid 19 has led many individuals to be concerned about the risk of infection or transmission to others. Picking up a portable device lets those with underlying conditions self-monitor for early signs that may trigger their condition such as blood pressure for those with cardiovascular problems or blood oxygen levels – with 02 saturation proving to be an early marker for infection or recovery in many cases.
This has led to blood pulse oximeter devices to be popular for individuals looking to track their health – potentially allowing them to act as an ‘early warning’ and seek out professional care or continue to self-isolate until they have fully recovered. This also allows for the capture of detailed healthcare data that can then be used by professionals seeking to better understand the virus and infection.

What should I check before getting one?

If you are considering picking up a sensor device today, it is important that you check a number of important criteria. These include, but are not limited to understanding-

Where it is from: Personal health is vitally important and, if you are considering picking up a device, it is essential that you source one from a reliable provider. Choosing a market leader such as Sensoronics or other notable suppliers will ensure your device is accurate, dependable, and fully under warranty.

How you use it: Once you have one, take some time to understand how to take a reading and then double-check your results. Any device should be easy for an untrained individual to use but taking some time to read and re-read your manual is essential when it comes to safe usage.

What to look for: When it comes to taking a reading, it is essential that you understand what ‘healthy’ parameters are and how to identify where your vitals are outside bounds. And, if a reading is a potential concern, the correct bodies to contact in order to secure the help you need.

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