Organic Cotton And Its Hidden Benefits


There are two types of farming conventional farming and Organic farming. Today in the era of globalization and product base farming farmers very much prefer conventional farming which includes various synthetic fertilizers and chemicals to get crop faster. Contradict to it comes organic farming which is old age farming technique. As per USDA organic farming is “a production system that is managed to respond to site-specific conditions by integrating cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.”

 Cotton is considered as pesticide-intensive crop. After washed out these soil does not hold these pesticides they simply washed out and pollute near water source or river. This is why Organic cotton farming is best environment friendly way to grow cotton.

In the Year 2017-18 organic cotton fiber global production has reached near about 181,000 metric tonnes. Particularly in India, China and Kyrgyzstan it has reached 56% surge which is the highest level in past eight years. There are total 19 countries where cotton is produced organically of which 79% comes from these Asian Countries India-47%, China-21%, Kyrgyzstan-12%, Turkey-6% & Tajikistan-5%.

Textile Exchange’s managing director, La Rhea Pepper, concurs, adding: “Organic production of cotton is the tip of the spear that has been driving change within the sector. It establishes a direction of travel for all of us, starting with regenerative soil practices.”

Benefits Of Organic cotton:

All three sectors i.e. farmers, Traders & consumers have benefits of organic cotton.

Benefits to Farmer – In 80 countries there are almost 100 million farmers Growing organic cotton. Because crop has grown organically soil fertility remain intact. Also, no use of organic pesticides ensures ground water remain chemical free which increases soils fertility and crop density. Organic production cost less compares to conventional ones. Quality of the cotton is much higher and it open dynamic market for the farmers.

Benefits to Trader – Market for organic cotton is very dynamic rather than conventionally grown cotton. So, Trader gets the good quality product at comparatively less price. As per Textile Exchange’s ‘2019 report organic cotton production is increased by 56%. That shows there are fairly increase in cotton demand.

Benefits to Consumer – Because no chemical used in production of cotton so there is no risk of any chemical reaction from clothes of these cotton. Clothes from this cotton feel more comfortable and lasts long. Organic cotton has been produced and processed as per comprehensive standards which are verified and certified by Global Organic Certified Standard certification (GOTS). As an organic cotton consumer, you are supporting ethical farming and help lot of farmers as well as organic farms to grow. Organic cotton has naturally soft fibres so they are very much comfortable to wear. Because of their thinner waving it tends to be durable.

Due to all the benefits for humans as well as nature the world is slowly shifting to the organic farming. It has also showed tremendous growth from the past.

Slowly but steadily organic cotton is gaining more popularity, Big names in the clothing industry like Nike, Gap, Levi’s has started using these globally.

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