No tip, no trip

Do you tip for food delivery?

Should you tip your delivery driver before your food gets delivered? It’s a good idea if you don’t want it sitting around for hours, according to a viral TikTok video.

A video posted on Sunday by a user named Steven Liang, who claims to deliver for DoorDash, shows what looks like a pile of bags filled with food orders that have allegedly been sitting there for hours because no driver will take them since no tip was included.

“These been sitting here for 4 hours because no dashers would take non tip orders,” he wrote on the video. “No tip no trip, the worker told me no dashers/Uber eats/grubhub went to get the order.”

In the caption, he added the hashtags #doordashdriver #nontippers #notipnotrip #takethebusbozo.

The reaction to the video was mixed, with some supporting the drivers and others lamenting that you have to now tip before the service is complete.

“Tipping culture is out of control,” one commenter wrote. “Only in America are we tipping 20% on a service BEFORE you get it, as well as paying 200% in fees. Ridiculous.”

“We need to stop normalizing tipping before the service is completed,” another wrote.

“@DoorDash do better!!! No tip should not even be an option!” one person wrote in support of the drivers.

“I do doordash on the side of my full time teaching job,” another person wrote. “I won’t take any orders without tips either.”

“People want to complain about tipping $5 but have no problem paying $20 fee for a $15 meal,” one commenter wrote. “Get it yourselves.”

“Dashers are always shown a guaranteed minimum amount they will earn for completing a delivery before they even accept the delivery, as well as the location and name of the restaurant, and estimated total mileage for the delivery so that they can make the best decision for themselves while dashing,” the DoorDash spokesperson said in a statement.

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