NEW Tea Set for Two


Discover the only premium tea and coffee company that gives back 100% of profits to ending forced labor worldwide.

Why Tea Matters:

There are more than 3 billion cups of tea consumed every day, making tea the most consumed beverage in the world after water.

Culturally, tea has been a staple beverage for centuries in many countries, particularly in Asia. It is a central part of daily life and has been incorporated into various cultural practices, such as tea ceremonies, and has been used as a symbol of hospitality and social interaction.

Overall, tea is important as a cultural icon, a daily ritual, and a source of health benefits, making it a beverage with significant impact on people’s lives around the world.

interested in the brand NEW 2 for Tea Gift Box ($58) from Grace Farms. The set comes with a tea pot, sipping glasses, and two cannisters of tea (Earl Grey and Jasmine; Roobibos Chai and Spearmint; or Rest and Revive). Grace Farms is a certified B Corp with an exquisite collection of carefully sourced coffee and teas grown on fair trade, women-owned farms that give back 100% of profits to end forced labor worldwide. 

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