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 Desert Harvest, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements formulated with a proprietary super-concentrated aloe vera extract, today announced its new Collagen supplement. The new product includes nineteen amino acids from enzymes, among the highest in the industry, with grass-fed, pasture-raised and antibiotic-free Grade A type I and type III hydrolyzed bovine collagen raised without added hormones. It is blended with Desert Harvest’s aloe vera extract in easy-to-use capsules, ready to take without liquid or mixing to help promote joint health, skin resilience and other benefits.

Type I collagen helps promote healthy skin, hair, nails, bones, tendons and ligaments, while type III helps support reticular fibers found in soft tissues and organs. The new Desert Harvest Collagen supplement includes both to provide a powerful formulation ideal for both men and women. The product also packs the benefits of seventy-eight milligrams of pure, organic aloe vera, which makes it more systematic and functional, in a capsule that is easy to take anywhere. Its hydrolyzed collagen has particular potential for fitness pros and athletes because it helps build muscle mass and fuel bone growth.

“We have a lot of customers who have joint issues or other comorbidities, as well those seeking optimal skin, hair and nail health,” said Heather Florio, CEO of Desert Harvest. “Our Collagen supplement is specially formulated to meet their needs in a single, easy capsule.”

Desert Harvest has long been known for its scientific approach to natural, organic supplements including its proprietary organic aloe vera. The company has pioneered numerous advancements in the industry including groundbreaking scientific studies, processes and other innovations. It offers a range of pure, organic products to help support optimal health for men and women. The new Collagen supplement compliments its offerings, while filling a gap in the market for ready-to-take collagen alternatives. It is available now.

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