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Nepal Tea Collective is bringing more transparency to the tea trade by add QR codes to its labels.  When scanned, each code offers the consumer info on the Nepalese farm where the tea leaves were grown and when the particular bag of tea was plucked, packaged and shipped .  The step is one in Nepal Tea’s efforts to bridge the gap between tea farmers and customers by moving past the middlemen and working directly with producers.

Only Hand-plucked…

Our farmers hand-pluck every single leaf at an altitude of 4000-6000 feet! 

Tea plucking is no easy feat and more so if you are not using any machines. Unlike commercially produced teas around the world, all our teas are hand-plucked in the serene hills of eastern Nepal. The climate, elevation, rural pollution free environment and its traditional cultivation method  create the most unique teas; ones that are of exceptional taste and quality but are relatively rare and unknown to the world. 

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