Natural Supplements for Ongoing Pain

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If you experience ongoing pain, your first thought may be to reach for the pills in your medicine cupboard. However, by using these medications you risk side effects, habitual use or addiction. But did you know there are natural pain relievers that are also used to treat pain and inflammation? Here we’ll look at some natural supplements that you can try for ongoing pain.


CBD is a chemical naturally found in the cannabis plants, however, doesn’t give you the ‘high’ feeling like THC. CBD is fast becoming a popular mainstream supplement that you can find in online stores like Area 52 to use for many reasons, one of which being pain management. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in your brain and immune system to create anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that help with pain management. It’s commonly used for treating cancer pain, arthritis pain, migraines and chronic pain.


Turmeric is commonly known as the spice that gives curry a yellow color and delicious flavor. However, it’s now been shown to be a great supplement for managing pain as it contains the compound curcumin – an antioxidant that protects the body from free radical molecules that damage cells and tissue. It’s a great supplement for relieving indigestion and providing pain relief from certain conditions like osteoarthritis and may also relieve itching caused by certain conditions.

Fish Oil (Omega-3)

A healthy diet should naturally include at least one portion of oily fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids as it has natural anti-inflammatory effects. However, if this isn’t achievable, then a fish oil supplement is a great way of getting this into your diet. The oil in fish has been used to treat skeletal and muscular diseases for hundreds of years and can naturally reduce the pain and inflammation caused by these diseases. The supplement is normally taken by those suffering with back pain and arthritis.

Willow Bark

For centuries, people have used willow bark to ease pain caused by inflammation. The willow bark, that comes from white and black willow trees, contains a certain chemical called salicin which is the active ingredient that manages this pain. When used in a study on people with lower back pain, willow bark was seen to be more effective than a placebo. As well as treating back pain, willow bark is great for menstrual cramps, bringing down a fever, and joint pain.


Cloves are commonly used for spicing up meat and rice dishes and are used in many foods for flavor. However, as a supplement, cloves are great for treating a wide range of conditions like nausea and colds as well as pain related symptoms that come with conditions like arthritis and toothache. Cloves can also be used as a topical and when rubbed onto gums may ease toothache pain until you can reach a dentist.


Before reaching for the medications, you have in your cupboard, try out a natural supplement that could be just as good – or even better – than the pills you have at home. However, if the pain persists, we recommend seeing a doctor for further advice.

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