Natural Solutions To Relieving Stress and Anxiety


Many of us face patches of stress in our lives, whether that be a result of an ongoing health issue or simply a hectic time at work. Although stress is one of the most common mental health issues, it is often not as widely recognized as it should be and can become an overwhelming part of everyday life. To help you handle the signs of stress as they creep in, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite natural solutions, helping you unwind without having to rely on medication.

Book yourself a massage

The mental and physical wellbeing benefits of a massage can work wonders, helping you fully relax and leave your mind much clearer than when you walked in the door. Whether you choose a more traditional approach such as Swedish massages to relax your muscles, or an erotic Tantric Massage London to build upon your sensual emotions, a massage is a great way to clear your head.

Pop on your exercise gear

When we are feeling stressed, it can be the body’s natural reaction to shut down and leave you wanting to crawl into bed and not face reality. Bringing yourself into the position of getting up, putting on your exercise clothes and leaving the house is the hardest bit but can make the world of difference. Whether you head to the local gym, try out a virtual fitness class or go for a gentle stroll around the neighborhood, release those endorphins and burn off all of that anxious energy!

Turn to your furry friends

Although this may seem like a silly idea, research has shown how spending time with animals can do amazing things for our mental wellbeing. By helping those facing mental issues such as anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder switch off from their thoughts as they play around with animals, the results can be astonishing. If you don’t have pets of your own, head to your local park, animal shelter or even local farm, getting involved with grooming or just petting some of the four legged friends.

Don’t keep it bottled up

As cliché as it sounds, a problem shared is a problem halved. Although speaking about your problems can feel like the last thing you want to do, often saying your thoughts out loud can make you realize just how much worse they seem in your head. Confide in a trusted friend, family member, colleague or phone a support line if you’d prefer to remain anonymous, putting your thoughts into perspective and getting the support you need.

Heal from the inside

When we are feeling stressed, especially if that is from a busy few days, convenience food becomes our best friend. Although you may not have time to cook hearty, nutritious meals, eating nothing but fast food and sugary snacks can make you feel a whole lot worse. Making a conscious effort to consume a balanced diet will really help fuel the brain, getting you the nutrients you need to feel your best from the inside out.

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