Natural Remedies For Alcoholism & Substance Abuse

Alcohol Treatment

The natural treatment of alcohol use disorder, also known as alcoholism, is a challenging process that requires a great deal of willpower and steady support from family and loved ones. Understandably, it is never advisable to rely on natural remedies or alternative therapies. However, some natural remedies, such as herbs, meditation, and acupuncture, can evidently improve one’s wellbeing.

Understandably, Covid has changed your drinking/ alcoholism habits for the good or the worse. Some have taken the periods of lockdowns and social distancing as an opportunity to better their lives and focus on their mental, emotional, and physical fitness. However, for others, it has caused them to spiral into depression and anxiety, where they seek solace in alcohol and substance abuse. Before you proceed to follow any of the below mentioned natural remedies, it is essential to discuss the potential risks and benefits with your healthcare provider.


Besides alcoholism, meditation and mindfulness programs are well designed to treat other related substance abuse disorders as well. Based on meditation practices, the mindfulness programs are designed in a certain way to aid the affected individuals to become fully aware of their emotions, thought-process, and feelings that lead to certain cravings that are dangerous for the mind and body. Thus, instead of caving in to the cravings, one becomes fully aware of the underlying causes and can choose to react differently.

Many studies have indicated positive outcomes of mindfulness programs as compared to the typical prevention programs. However, the results can differ for all individuals based on their surroundings and mental and physical fitness.

Herb Extracts

You might have heard about the herb ashwagandha before, which has been extracted from the plant of Withania Somnifera. Traditionally, this herb extract has long been used to treat cravings and alcohol withdrawal by decreasing the anxiety level of affected individuals.

Another herb, the milk thistle, is replete with the antioxidant silymarin, which is well-known for its potent impact on the restoration of liver health while protecting the liver against damage induced by alcohol. Nonetheless, more research has to be conducted to reach definite conclusions about this herb’s benefits for alcoholism and substance abuse.


You might have heard and seen people getting acupunctured before. This needle-based therapy is deemed a Chinese natural remedy used for various reasons, including controlling alcohol cravings and reducing them to the maximum. Traditional acupuncture is also used for relieving the affected individual from alcohol withdrawal symptoms, such as depression and anxiety.

Research has proven acupuncture to be quite effective for battling alcohol and substance abuse cravings. Therefore, if you are looking for a natural way to curb your cravings, we recommend giving this traditional Chinese medicine a go.


Fortunately, telemedicine allows people to seek treatment for their behavioral and mental concerns from their homes’ comforts and safety. That said, in the face of the ongoing pandemic, telemedicine has expanded its horizons while allowing more people to connect with healthcare providers and not feel hopeless and lost in such hard and uncertain times as today.

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