Miyokos’ Plant Milk Cheese Spreads deliver where it counts


Leading plant milk dairy maker, Miyoko’s Creamery, announced the launch of their Plant Milk Cheese Spreads, a snackable addition to the brand’s delicious product line. The new spreads are all crafted using time-honored cheesemaking techniques from a rich, creamy base of organic cultured cashew milk. Inspired by the award-winning, best-selling artisan cheese wheels and Roadhouse Cheddar, these plant milk cheese spreads are sure to spark spontaneous snacking.

Miyokos’ Plant Milk Cheese Spreads deliver where it counts, through taste, performance and quality with a simple ingredient list. Like all of Miyokos’ products, these versatile spreads are certified-organic, vegan, lactose free, soy free, palm oil free, gluten free and kosher, an impressive criteria to meet compared to other plant milk cheese spreads on the market. Boasting four delicious flavors, the new spreadable lineup includes:

  • Classic Chive: A robustly flavorful, fresh, deliciously smooth and speckled spreadable cheese with finely chopped chives. Perfect for spreading on crackers, folding into mashed potatoes, or enhancing any dish.
  • Garlic Herb: Garlic and finely chopped herbs make this cheese wonderfully herbaceous and aromatic. Deliciously smooth and perfect for spreading on crackers, blending into sauces, or enhancing any dish.
  • Roadhouse Cheddar: With a bold, sharp cheddar flavor, this tasty spread packs an unforgettable, delicious punch. Perfect for snacking, sandwiches and so much more.
  • Sundried Tomato: With sun-dried tomatoes and garlic, this is a deliciously smooth cheese with a robust Mediterranean flavor. Perfect for spreading on crackers, blending into sauces, or enhancing any dish.

As the pioneers and masters of their craft, Miyoko’s makes the finest organic plant milk cheeses, butters and cream cheeses the hard way, the old-fashioned way and the pure way by devotedly evolving the time-honored art of the creamery with plant milks.

For more information on Miyoko’s Creamery, and to stay up to date on the latest product launches, check out the site miyokos.com.

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