Love The Skin You’re In! Popular Treatments to Keep You Looking Young

Once upon a time, color cosmetics held their high grounds in the beauty industry, but nowadays they are losing their place to the new driving force, skin care products. The women empowerment world we are living in left its impact in the marketing world and the beauty industry. Words in the marketing world quickly changed from “defy” aging to “renew” and “care” for your skin. Wearing makeup because we love it and we enjoy playing with it, is one thing that is absolutely encouraged. But using it to cover our faces because we are insecure about how we look without makeup is a whole different story. Getting to the bottom of what bothers us and treating these issues instead of hiding behind a mask is the best move we can do for ourselves and our skin.

While aging is inevitable, preventing its showy side effects can be maintained with today’s technology, and luckily, there are many of them. You can be overwhelmed once you hit 30 with the number of products there are to use. But remember that you don’t need to consider beauty treatments until you begin to see the ugly fine lines and wrinkles. We have created a mini guide for you that contains all of the popular treatments that you need to consider for your battle against aging.


The use of small needles to cut holes in your skin depends on the concept of causing controlled damage to enhance the generation of collagen and new skin tissues. This treatment can improve fine lines, blemishes, acne scars, cellulite, and even emphasize your new hair growth.

  • Benefits: You can see the results from the first session with little to no side effects. This treatment is minimally invasive and the expectancy of bruising, swelling, or scarring is nearly non-existent. The healing process starts the minute you finish your session and lasts from 2 hours up to 24 hours. You can do this treatment yourself at home with 0.25 mm needles and up 1 mm needles with little to no pain.
  • Side Effect: Using larger needles from 1.5 mm and up, requires trained hands and consistency to see actual results when it comes to severe issues. Larger needles can also be more painful which sometimes require a numbing cream to be applied before the session with one hour. If you didn’t use the right aftercare products, you might risk infection and a bacterial fiasco that you are better off without. So you need to sterilize the needles and use something to close your pores right after.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP treatment is mainly two great treatments squashed into one. This face treatment uses your own blood for the plasma to be separated and then injected again into the skin. The skin will be fooled into thinking that it’s injured which will stimulate the production of vitamin A and collagen to help your skin restores its elasticity and youthful looks.

Thrive Market

  • Benefits: This safe anti-aging treatment reduces fine lines and improves the overall look of your skin. You can expect your skin to look radiant and youthful right after just one session with little downtime. The treatment can also be used to stimulate hair growth in volume and thickness.
  • Side Effect: The session can be pricey for some people as it can cost up to $1000. It can cause redness that fades completely after 5 days. Some people might need up to two weeks to recover and see the results on their skin.

Fractional Resurfacing

The use of lasers in the beauty world has been highly increasing for its many benefits and amazing effects. The fractional CO2 laser is a technology that revolutionized the use of traditional laser for a safer and gentler option for your skin with even better results. The procedure depends on applying ultrasound energy on the skin to remodel the deeper layers of the skin.

  • Benefits: This treatment is not only popular for its amazing anti-aging effects and even deep lines and wrinkles but for the complexion correcting effects it guarantees. You will notice an improvement in your skin elasticity and smoothness after you are done with the treatment that usually requires from 2 to 3 sessions.
  • Side Effect: It can be a bit painful for some people, which can be fixed with a numbing cream to be applied before the session with one hour. The 3 sessions can cost up to $2000 depending on the specialist and the place you are going for.

Chemical Peeling

As the name suggests, the procedure depends merely on peeling off the surface layer of your skin and dead skin cells for smoother and better-looking skin. Using chemical exfoliating techniques has proven its advantages rather than traditional physical scrubs that can be harmful to your skin.

  • Benefits: Peeling off your dead skin cells will give you a brand new face without blemishes, acne scars, or fine lines. This also stimulates the production of collagen which improves the skin elasticity and its overall look. You can do this treatment on a smaller scale at home without many risks, however, for better results, it’s better done with more concentrated acids with the aid of a specialist.
  • Side Effect: After the treatment, your skin can become more sensitive to the sun so you might need to avoid sun exposures for a while until you recover completely. If done incorrectly, this procedure can lead to redness, swelling, or burn marks on your skin. However, the treatment is considered to be safe in general.

Anti-aging Treatments And Sunblock

While all the treatments mentioned are invasive and considered to be safe, you need to be careful during the healing period that is required for each. Read and take your time to decide which treatment is best for your skin before taking any step further. But no matter which treatment you choose to go for, you need to always pick a good sunblock that will offer your skin the protection it needs, especially after your session. Caring for your skin, promotes self-care in general which can have its good effects beyond improving your skin.


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