Weight loss the natural way

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If you want to lose weight rapidly while also staying healthy, you are in the right place. Burning more calories than you consume is the surefire way to get rid of the extra pounds you gained. Most people don’t know how to do a weight loss program or don’t have the patience to do it the right way and they use all sorts of diets, techniques and wonder pills that promise quick results. This is not the recommended way to do it, and the main disadvantage of such unhealthy weight loss methods of getting fit is that they are short-term and they have serious repercussions that might take longer than the process itself to fix later.

A healthy plan involves dieting done right and physical movement. Without the combination between these two, you might gain the weight back in a few months from now. Healthy dieting is not temporary – it is more like a lifestyle that you stick with for the rest of your days (1). You will only have cheat days now and then and exercising will become part of your routine. Even though it sounds harsh, once you get used to it and see the amazing results, you won’t feel like giving up any more.

Four tips on weight loss the natural way:

Set realistic weight loss goals

Many people fail because they set unrealistic goals (2) and they have expectations that could never be fulfilled following a healthy scheme for losing weight. Starting the journey to getting fit takes a lot of patience. It can take up to 6 months to lose a few pounds healthily, but it is worth the wait because the change is going to be permanent. If people choose the easy way and they try losing weight using medication or severe dieting, the results will disappear shortly after stopping the treatment and it might bring additional issues to the table.

To set clear, achievable goals, you need to calculate your body mass index by following a formula and see how much weight you can lose monthly. There are calculators over the internet that will only require entering your current height and weight. After calculating your BMI (3), you can start your weight loss journey by following healthy schemes. Exposing yourself to diseases and affections by consuming drugs that are not recommended by doctors is not worth it in any situation. Set multiple short-term goals and a long-term one. Be auto-critique and keep yourself motivated all the way.  

Pay attention to portions

Often, people are not wrong when choosing what they consume, but when selecting the quantity they consume. Even though the foods you choose are healthy ones, if you don’t pay attention to the portions you consume, you are still going to gain weight or you won’t see any progress soon. You need to understand what types of foods you consume, how much of these foods your body needs to function and how many times a day you should eat. You can use smartphone apps that let you keep a diary of your meals. Most of these apps also offer features where you set objectives and track your progress as time goes by.

Eating too much is a mistake that many people do, regardless of the type of food they consume. Small portions consumed every three hours are the best way to keep your body functioning at its optimal level. Portion control (4) can be difficult to handle at first, but once you learn how to do it, it will come naturally. Through portion control, you learn how to trim calories so that you burn more than you consume, the golden rule of losing weight. For a quick change, you can buy smaller dishes like salad plates or luncheons. Seconds are not allowed and leftovers should be stored in singles so that you are not tempted to eat more than you need. Keep in mind that restaurants serve big sizes – if you want to stick to your dietary plan, box up half of it for later or order half a portion only. Splitting dishes with someone works too.

What foods you should consume or avoid to achieve weight loss?

First of all, you need to stay away from calorie-bombs. These are the foods that people choose on their cheat days: pizza, bread of all kinds, grain-based desserts, alcohol, soda, fast-food or anything that’s sugary and fat. Staying away from these is a must if you plan to lose weight the healthy way. Next, you need to cut the salt (5), the saturated fats, and the solid fats. Avoid bread at all costs, as it is the biggest enemy of losing weight. These foods are not banned from your meal plan, but you need to seriously reduce the quantities. Your dietary guidelines should be based on lean protein, healthier oils, fruit and vegetables, dairy in moderation and seafood.

You can consume eggs for breakfast, but if you can – cut the yolks. As for meats, stick with lean beef which is the best source of protein. Stay away from fatty cuts though. Lamb meat is full of Omega-3 fatty acids, so try to include it into your diet as well. Nuts and seeds are high in fat and calories, meaning that you should consume them with moderation. Incorporate almonds, chia seeds, and walnuts into your dietary plan.

Find your balance

After putting together a healthy diet, you can start looking for weight loss programs that include a healthy dose of physical movement each day. Without exercise, your diet won’t work as expected. The more you exercise, the more calories you burn and the faster the results will be. Don’t overdo it either. Select programs that are suitable for your current situation. Starting with exhausting exercising directly is not the right option. Start slow and build your way to a fit body with patience. Remember that this is your lifestyle now, and you always need to save a bit of your time to exercise daily.

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by Cara Lucas

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  1. I have switched from a very unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one, and it is the best decision I have ever made! I have recently started exercising as well. I jog with my dog every morning and I go to the gym every Saturday for at least an hour.

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