Looking for Natural Immunity Support

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These sugar-free lozenges contain a proprietary mucosal immune complex and are ideal for on-the-go situations! At first sign of symptoms, dissolve on lozenge slowly on your tongue and take as needed. It’s pure and natural, and backed by over a decade of science.

Biovanta Immunity effectively strengthens your respiratory barrier for everyday protection and frontline defense at the first signs. 

  • Protect against colds and flus with an everyday drug-free formula 
  • Use at the first signs of irritation
  • Support your respiratory barrier and activate your immune system

Biovanta, is on a mission to harness natural bioactives, blending the wisdom of nature with advanced science. Their goal is to offer a new way to care for health, breaking free from traditional, often damaging, cold treatments. 

Designed to specifically to target inflammation, while promoting a healthy nose & throat lining. Strengthen your barrier immunity with Biovanta! No other cold medicine works this way. Available on Amazon or retailers near you.

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