How to Look Good Growing Old


Nothing is ever permanent, but this isn’t a good enough reason to feel depressed every time you realize that you’re growing old. One minute you are looking in the mirror with a complete set of abs, and you slunk like a couch potato in the next.

But, hey, growing old has its own benefits, and it’s actually just a matter of digging up the best from the process of aging. A lot of people who have entered their 30s are starting to find ways to make the process seem like a breeze. Given that not a lot are happy with the way they age, it’s important for the middle-aged to take action.

Here are a few good tips to get you started in a better path towards better aging.

Sharpen your mind

Basically, you’re brain is that one organ that gets impacted by aging in a very big way. Your neurons are degenerating faster than you can says the word “degenerate.” Have you ever had experienced losing your keys and realized you have had them in your pockets the whole time? This is proof that your memory is not working like it did a few years back. And this is something you should be able to pay close attention to.

Fortunately, you can slow down neuron degeneration by simply take part in stimulating activities. You can involve yourself in deep conversation about politics or solve a word puzzle. Whichever floats your boat, the fact that you are using a great deal of brain power for such activities is already enough to make your mind sharper than a katana and not seem so old.


Aside from your brain, you also need to make sure that your body is fit to accept the gradual changes that aging brings. Of course, if you have been idle the whole time, you are most likely to develop ailments that challenge your mobility, such as arthritis and rheumatism. But aside from these, exercise can also provide aesthetic benefits.

In the same manner that you use a Rubik’s cube to stimulate your critical thinking, problem solving, you should also hit the treadmills to burn some calories and reduce chest fat. That way , you won’t be able to worry about looking good for your spouse.

Grow your circle of friends

A lot of people agree that having friends can actually be healthy for you. This is mostly because of the increased self-esteem you get from the very people who continue to inspire you. Your best friends since childhood will certainly help you out in pursuing personal and health-related goals. Even better, you should be able to generate even more friends. A healthy life is one that is spent with the company of others.

Challenge yourself

Growing older can be scary to some, but it’s actually an opportunity for person to improve. We limit ourselves to what we can when we can always try something new? It’s important that, as you age, you should still remain open to new experiences and knowledge. Healthy living is about living life to the fullest, and it actually helps to push yourself over the fence.

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