Little Habits That Could Cause Major Health Problems

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Have you been trying to make more conscious decisions when it comes to your health? Perhaps you’ve started the process by eating better meals and working out more to lose weight. While these practices are a great step in the right direction, in order to make real improvements in your health, you need to analyze every aspect of how you’re presently living. Often overlooked are the little things, that may not seem like a big deal – until they are. Here are a few bad habits you may be guilty of that could cause you major issues later on.

Skipping Meals

Have you gone a time or two without eating breakfast? Maybe you woke up late or had too many things to do and just forgot to eat. Whatever the case is, skipping meals, especially the most important one of the day is never the solution. Since your body gets its fuel from food, going long periods of time without eating, deprive it of the nutrients and vitamins necessary to function. Your body will begin to store fat and your metabolism will slow down, resulting in weight gain and related health issues.

To make sure you’re not jipping your body of what it needs, try things like eating on a schedule, planning meals, prepping the night before, or finding quick solutions like health shakes, fruit, and protein bars for in the morning when you’re rushed.

Drinking Alcohol

In moderation, alcohol does not have any lasting effects on your well-being. That’s why it is recommended that you drink no more than 1-2 drinks in a day. Drinking 1-2 alcoholic beverages on a daily basis, however, can also lead to trouble. As your body gets used to consuming alcohol regularly, you can develop a tolerance. This can result in you wanting to drink more to get buzzed. As you increase the amount you drink, you also increase the damage it does to your health. You also run the risk of becoming addicted and needing help from sources like an alcohol rehab at Winward Way.

To keep this little habit from becoming a big deal it is important to be aware of your drinking habits and practice being safe. Try to stick to the required drinking limits for men and women. Also, try to minimize the number of days you’re drinking. You may need to also make better lifestyle decisions like limiting your time around those who party a lot and steering clear of scenes with alcohol. If you’re suffering from addiction, however, the only way to kick the habit is to get help.

Staring at a Screen

Modern culture has changed the way everything is done. From watching television to socializing and completing work, everything is done in front of a screen. Though you may not realize it, you spend hours each day looking at some sort of screen whether it be the tv, computer, smartphone, or tablet. Constantly staring at a screen can be bad for your vision. It can lead to anything from eye strain to retinal damage.

Since glaring at a screen is sometimes necessary and often unavoidable, it is best to take precaution. You can do things like take small breaks at work or set a time limit for watching television or using your smartphone. You should also be sure to wear proper eyewear (if necessary) and practice other safety tips like sitting back from the screen, watching in the proper lighting, and taking 20 seconds to look away from the screen every 20 minutes or so.

Though making the big changes towards improving your health are to be rewarded, you can’t truly improve your quality of life without taking a look at everything. There are a lot of little things you could be doing that could cause major health problems later on. If you’re guilty of any of the above-mentioned little habits, start taking big steps towards making a change.


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