Learn Why Carpet Cleaning Is So Important For Your Health

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A healthy lifestyle starts with your indoor living space. In addition to many other measures we take to keep our homes clean, carpet cleaning holds the highest significance. We can keep them clean all by ourselves, but it is never enough because many germs and particles of sticky dust which our carpets hold all the time cannot be removed easily. Therefore, professional assistance is always needed.


Health Issues Associated with Dirty Carpets

Over the last few years, several scientists have added significant researches that are done exclusively on the indoor air. They mostly tried to determine, if the air of a carpeted home or office is healthy or not. They have revealed through their research results that poor carpet cleaning can lead to serious health issues. Therefore, getting them clean periodically is the only option that can help us avoid such problems.

Dirty carpets do not look nice to eyes, they smell bad, and most importantly they affect the health of your family. Here is the detail of some of the prominent health issues associated with dirty carpets to help you understand why cleaning them is so important.

1.    Allergies

Dirty carpets cause allergies of different kinds. This happens mostly due to the growth of mould in the carpets. This mould can cause allergic reactions in humans and animals alike. The effects of this mould vary from one individual to another, but in extreme cases, even death can occur. Therefore, it is important to keep your carpets as much cleanly as possible.

2.   Asthma

Asthma is another severe ill health condition that can occur due to dirty carpets in home, school or office. The small dust particles get trapped in the carpet. As these particles are inhaled by individuals, they cause severe reactions in the respiratory system leading to asthma. It may not lead to death, but still, the bad condition of individual due to this can become an inconvenience for a lifetime.

3.    Stomach Infections

There are certain toxins called ‘mycotoxins’ that are likely to invade carpets that are already inhibited by mould. These toxins can lead to serious health problems if not treated quickly. In addition to stomach infections that they cause after entering the body of an individual, these toxins also reduce the performance of the immune system. Therefore, to avoid such problems, it is very important to keep the carpets in your home, office, and school neat and clean.

4.    Skin Infection

Skin infection is a common symptom of having dirty carpets. As they are home to dust mites that feed on fungi, bacteria, and dead human cells. They continue to grow unless or until proper carpet cleaning procedures are not followed.

These problems can only be solved, if and only if, you keep your carpets neat and clean. Any dust, moisture, food pieces can make your carpets breeding place for harmful germs and insects. You can do carpet cleaning easily by yourself, and if not, take counsel of professionals.

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