What You Should Know Before Getting a Facelift in Thailand


We don’t get any younger, and cosmetic surgery doesn’t get any cheaper. So, when people in western countries consider a procedure such as a facelift, medical tourism seems to be a great solution. For people in Australia and New Zealand, getting a facelift in Thailand’s clinics is most feasible. The country is among the closest destinations where people Down Under travel for affordable surgery.

Before you finalize your medical holiday though, there are some things you should know about getting a facelift in Thailand. It’s not every day that you get this surgery. You need to go ahead well-informed and with the right mindset. So let’s take a look at some important things you should know before you get a facelift in Thailand.


The Price Difference and the Reason Behind it

The main reason why people travel to Thailand is to save money on the procedure. Remember that a facelift is a cosmetic procedure so you can’t use insurance to pay for it. So how much can you can save?

In Australia and New Zealand, a facelift will cost you AUD $26,000 and NZD $ 28,723 on average, respectively. In Thailand, the average cost would be around just AUD $5,672 / NZD $6,267.

When you see that you’re saving around twenty thousand dollars on a procedure, it’s natural to be a little skeptical. Why the huge price difference? Not knowing the real reasons often leads people to think that they may have to compromise on the quality of the surgery in some way. Is it because the surgeons or the facilities in Thailand are inferior?

The fact is that there may be some hospitals/clinics and surgeons abroad that are not up to the standard you’re used to in your home country. However, there do exist some excellent medical facilities and brilliant surgeons abroad. It’s their existence that makes countries such as Thailand a popular medical tourist destination. So if you are able to find one of the well-regarded clinics in Thailand, the trip will be worth it.

These clinics are able to offer the surgery at much lower prices than in countries such as Australia and New Zealand because Thailand enjoys the following benefits:


  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower living expenses
  • High competition among clinics
  • Less bureaucratic red tape


The Top Places for Facelift in Thailand


As you plan your medical holiday in Thailand, you should research the best clinics. Here are three renowned clinics in Thailand for a facelift:

  • KTOP Clinic
  • Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre
  • Yahnee Hospital Health & Beauty


If you have been thinking about getting facelift in Thailand, read up on the clinics mentioned above. With the right information you can make the most of a medical holiday and get a great facelift.

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