It’s All About the Curves


Curves have become a staple of modern fashion and beauty. Everyone wants to have a little contour to their figure and that breathtaking curvature that comes with a healthy buildup of muscle and a little layer of fat that gives the posterior that healthy-looking form. Unfortunately, not everyone can achieve this shape of a butt and it can be very difficult to tone it to perfection, what with our busy lives.

Skinly Aesthetics, based in Manhattan, is ready to offer all its clients, both newcomers and loyal ones, a great deal on a set of treatments which are designed to give you body that fullness that is so fashionable now. Thanks to a wide variety of treatments in their roster, anything from Coolsculpting to Sculptra NYC, just two examples of some of their best treatment packages, you can give yourself those beautiful curves and contours that some could only dream of.

And these treatments are much safer and easier than you probably think they are. Which is why it’s pretty important to learn a bit more about them and why so many NYC residents are visiting Skinly Aesthetics for these treatments alone.


Your body fat is a very important part of your body. Without it, life would be pretty hard, since that’s where all the energy you build up is stored. And you desperately need energy if you want to do, well, anything. So having fat in your body that is around the ratio of what you should have in relation to your height and general mass is perfectly natural. In fact, having a little extra fat isn’t bad at all, especially considering how there are people who are built differently and have different thickness of skin.

But it’s that annoying fat that gets into all the worst areas of the body that annoys us. Having some fat on your posterior or even stomach isn’t all that bad, but imagine how annoying it is when you can’t walk in peace because the inner thigh fat is rubbing against each other and causing skin irritation. Or how about that double chin: all it does is get sweaty during the summer.

A safe and easy solution is a little dose of Coolsculpting, and by “little” I mean just one treatment or procedure of it will yield all the results that you want. While Coolsculpting may take a little longer to show results than other forms of body contouring, it is still considered to be one of the safest and easiest ways to tone the body, without the hassle of post-procedural maintenance and side effects.

No one wants to stay at home for days, even weeks, just because they decided to get a little cosmetic treatment. You want to know that the second you step out of the clinic, you’re finished and can go back to your daily tasks. The results may take several months to completely set, but it’s definitely worth the wait. Since Coolsculpting uses the cold to coax the fat cells into getting absorbed by the body, it is a non-invasive treatment, meaning your skin won’t need to be opened up in any way, injection, incision or otherwise. No chemicals, no stitches, nothing. It’s just a little cold sensation against the skin that lasts for less than an hour and you’re finished. This is what makes Coolsculpting so popular and why it’s slowly becoming one of the most beloved fat reduction procedures on the market.

The most convincing pieces of evidence you’ll find in regards to the quality of Coolsculpting are the countless testimonies by other clients who’ve spoken out about the treatment’s many benefits, so even if you don’t take my word for it, consider the thousands all across the world.


Sculptra Lift

But not that we got trimming the body out of the way, what about actually shaping it? That’s a major part of sculpting and toning that a lot of people overlook. Adding a little extra volume to certain areas of the body is a great way to build some nice contours and curves on your body. And Sculpta is a perfect way to do this on your posterior.

Much like dermal fillers for the face, the Sculptra lift is designed to give the buttocks a more satisfying shape, giving it a little extra mass in all the right ways. Not everyone has a naturally full butt that has the curvature you’re looking for. But the Sculptra can make up for that with its amazing compound

The compound is designed to concentrate the shape of the buttocks to form into that natural roundness that you expect from those healthy looking posteriors. And best of all, thanks to its careful engineering, it won’t make your butt look unnatural in any way. A big part of modern cosmetic clinics is authenticity and Sculptra does not fall behind on this aspect in any way.

Help from the Right People

But who needs all these great treatments when there’s no one qualified enough to perform them. Luckily, there are plenty of people who are knowledgeable and experienced enough in the craft and are prepared to treat you for a price that you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at.

Luckily, Skinly Aesthetics is here to answer the call with their Sculptra NYC treatment plan which grants you all the advantages of modern cosmetic technology and expertise utilized by some of the leading professionals in the field, who’s Ivy League training will provide you with the kind of results that you can only dream of. And it’s these kinds of clinics which will give you exactly what you’re looking for from a treatment and all for a reasonable price.

So the important thing is to start looking around in search of a worthy clinic that you can put your trust into. Find the right clinic for yourself and a curvy body will be only a few appointments away.

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