Is It Safe For Men To Use Women’s Skincare?


Whenever you ask a woman about her daily skin-care routine, you can be prepared for at least a ten-minute break-down of complicated words and weird terminology. If you dare ask a man, well… they’ll be offended most of the time, to say the least.

What men would never admit, is that most of them have concerns about the condition of their skin, too. But with all of the stereotyping around men and how “soft” they’d be if they voice out such concerns, they dismiss such thoughts and do nothing about it. Maybe some of them would sneak into their girl’s beauty cabinet and borrow some stuff every now and then.

But is it okay for men to use women’s skin-care products?

The answer to that is yes, using women’s skin care products will generally do them no harm. But when you get to understand the similarities and differences between men’s and women’s skin, you’ll realize that it’s better to use products that fit the needs of your skin.

Men’s Vs. Women’s Skin: Similarities and Differences

Which gets us into the real question, what’s the difference?

Thickness of Skin

Stimulated by the male sex hormone, Testosterone, the thickness of a man’s skin is around 25% thicker than a woman’s. This means more collagen, which means more elasticity. In other words, men are more naturally-protected against signs of aging, as opposed to women.

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This thickness also contributes to a different texture. Men have tougher and rougher skin, with more pronounced lines when aging hits them.

As such, men don’t need the same anti-aging creams women use, but they might need good hydration products made just for them.

Sebum Production

Men usually have more sebum (or oil) production with larger pores. This results in the fact that their skin is oilier, and also makes them more prone to acne, the kind that lasts much longer than the ones women suffer from.

Facial Hair

Another key difference between men and women is the facial hair. Facial hair protects most of the men’s skin from the sun’s radiations. The daily routine of shaving also act an as exfoliant, which gets rid of dead skin cells too. As a result, they don’t the same intensive skin-care routines women go through.

On the downside, using shaving creams might increase the sensitivity of men’s skin. Also, using razors might result in cuts, in-grown hairs, or razor burns. In such cases, men might find using softening creams and sun-screens to be very useful. Sunscreens are usually gender neutral but when it comes to softening creams, it may be a good idea to stick to products that are made specifically for men.

Sensitivity to Sun

As women take much more care of their skin and almost always apply sun-screens, they’re less likely to get sun burns. The same can’t be said for men, so they’re left more prone to the harmful effects of UV radiations, especially if they maintain a clean shave. Adding a little amount of sunscreen will prove beneficial for men, too.

How Men Can Care For Their Skin

There’s a misconception about skin products aimed for men, which says that such products are the same of that of women’s, with only more masculine-packaging. That’s not true in most cases. While some of the women’s skin-care products will do the same job for both genders, it all comes down to what kind of care your skin needs.

Some of the easy, low-maintenance ways for men to care for their skin includes:

1- Keeping Hydrated

It’s very well known that hydration plays a huge role in how vibrant the skin looks like.  Ideas to slow the aging process, such as keeping skin hydrated by using moisturizer and drinking more water are helpful. Using women’s products might do the trick, however, there are hydration and anti-wrinkle products that are made just for men.

2- Taking Supplements

If you’re like most of us, then your diet will usually be lacking necessary vitamins and minerals needed by your body. It doesn’t matter what your gender is in this case, supplements will do more than just give you better motor and mental functions; they’ll give your body cells everything they aren’t getting from the diet. For your skin, this means better defense and brighter looks.

3- Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

The way your lifestyle affects your overall health cannot be overlooked. While women are more prone to hormonal fluctuations which always affect their skin, bad lifestyle habits can affect both men’s and women’s skin the same. Some of the factors that negatively affect your skin include over-exposure to sun, physical or psychological stress, junk food, smoking, and physical inactivity. Through maintaining a healthier lifestyle, you guarantee better health that lasts you a lifetime.

Better Skin Care for Better Skin for Men: 101

There’s no shame in taking better care of your skin, if you’re a man. On the contrary, taking better skin will increase your health, confidence, attractiveness, and in turn your productivity. You don’t have to spend an hour every day to maintain a healthy routine either, don’t let women scare you. Taking care of your skin can be as low-maintenance as you make it to be, the only key is to make a habit out of it.

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