Introducing BamNut Milk


The tastiest, creamiest milk that wins over any other milk made from a nut, bean, grain or udder! Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself!

Founded in 2020, WhatIF Foods is a planet-positive food and beverage company. As a global champion of true REgeneration, WhatIF Foods is on a mission to reinvent the entire food system category by category. At the center of this movement is a forgotten and underutilized crop called Bambara groundnut (a.k.a. BamNut), which is a nutritionally complete, regenerative and hardy legume that can grow in degraded lands with minimal demand for resources.

Plant-based milk vs cow milk has been a topic of debate for a long time. What is plant-based milk? Plant-based milk is prepared by grinding a plant source (Bambara groundnut, oat, pea, rice, soy,…) with water, then adding optionally some vegetable oil, flavors, vitamins, and minerals. It is typically lower in saturated fats and calories than cow’s milk and it’s a good option for people who are lactose intolerant and prone to milk allergies.

The light one. Like the BamNut Milk you know and love, but with less fat and no compromise on taste. Great on its own as an in-between snack, this plant-milk also pairs well with cold beverages such as smoothies, bubble tea or even cocktails!

  • Light in your mouth
  • Great on it’s own or with cold beverages
  • Balanced nutty taste
  • Non-GMO project verified

Your next iced coffee can taste even better with the Bamnut creamer and the comfort of helping save the planet.  Learn more at 


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