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Containing more than 20 different vitamins and minerals, this beauty fruit is full of skin-supporting nutrients to maintain your healthy glow as you enjoy the last days of summer. Recent studies show that mango may protect against UVB radiation and resulting sun damage; and vitamin C, vitamin A, and folate work together to support collagen formation and regeneration, improve skin tone, and maintain overall healthy and youthful skin. You can boost many foods with mango—from salads to smoothies to salsas.

A serving size is equivalent to 3/4 cup of sliced mangos and is just 70 calories, so it’s a satisfyingly sweet treat. There are 202 calories in 1 whole mango. Each serving is fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free. They are also a good source of folate, making up 15% of your daily requirement and also of copper, making up 15% of your daily needs.

>>Fruity Mango Roll-Ups

⅓ cup nonfat whipped cream cheese

2 burrito-sized tortillas

1 medium ripe mango, peeled, pitted, and cut into 1/2-inch thick strips

2 kiwifruit, peeled and cut into 8 wedges

2 tablespoons honey

¼ teaspoon cinnamon

Spread cream cheese over tortillas and place mango and kiwi over 2/3 of the surface. Stir together honey and cinnamon and drizzle over top. Roll up tightly. Gently squeeze to secure ingredients then cut into 1/2-inch thick slices.

Although there are six primary varieties commonly available varieties in the US market, there are others that you can find as well. Throughout the year, you’ll most likely find at least one of the six mango varieties. Each type of mango has a unique flavor and texture, so try different varieties at different stages of ripeness and at different times of the year. You’ll be glad you did. With hundreds of varieties the possibilities are endless!

If you have a favorite variety or recipe- please feel free to share.

Source: National Mango Board

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  1. In India we make a delicious healthy drink during summers that acts as a natural body coolant, it’s made from Raw Mangos called “AAM PANNA” or Raw Mango Drink. Here is how to make it.

    Ingredients for Raw Mango Drink

    Raw mango (medium size) 1 no.
    Jaggery or Sugar – 1/3 cup (Jaggery gives final product dark colour and Sugar gives light colour)
    Cardamom (Elachi)- ½ tsp / Jeera (1 tsp, roasted and ground)
    Salt to taste (approx. ½ tsp)

    How to Make Aam Panna

    Boil raw mango with ½ cup water, till it becomes soft. Scoop out the pulp and make a puree. (you can also place mango on a hot griddle without peeling, let it roast till its skin is completely blistered. Cool it and remove the peel.)
    Boil puree with Jaggery/Sugar and salt till it dissolves. Add cardamom/Jeera as per your choice.
    Let the mixture cool down and you can store it in the fridge for few days.
    Whenever you want to drink panna- add ¼ cup of above mixture and ¾ cup of water. Top it with ice cubes.If you want, you can add chaat masala/mint other flavours also.

    Sweet and sour

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