Ideal whole health starts with what and how we eat

As human beings, we were designed and evolved to be hunters, gatherers, and foragers. Our bodies are literally designed to be constantly moving, and so our physical health is something that is obviously quite important to our whole health as a species. Even with this knowledge out there in the world, it is surprisingly common to find that people are not eating as well as they should be. It is easy to operate with the mentality of having all the time in the world, of being able to start the healthy eating journey tomorrow or next week, but mentality is only half of the battle. To truly have the best chance of having positive impact on our whole health, we must consciously carry out actions that take that idea and make it a reality, such as consistent exercise, diet, and Royal Jelly Honey.

We all handle our grasp on our diets differently. Some people grew up in environments where they were raised on a no-meat diet, or being allergic to dairy. These seemingly simple lifestyle differences can have a profound impact on the individual’s attitude towards food for the rest of their life. When an individual experiences an eating disorder, for example, quite often what [unfortunately] happens is that individual gets to a point where traditional, widespread treatments do not work. They are then introduced to treatments like TMS Therapy, a non-traditional therapy aimed at helping those who have not responded positively to traditional therapies and treatments.

When it really comes down to it, how we work out what is healthiest for our bodies does not matter; what does matter is that we make conscious decisions and actions to incorporate healthier foods and drinks into our daily diet. What our diet consists of has a phenomenal impact on the way we look and the way we feel. This has been the concept in various studies and research, and it all comes back to much the same thing. That thing is conscious awareness. Not only do our eating habits impact our physical health, but they also have a significant impact on our brain and our mental wellbeing.

When we eat breakfast, for example, 20% of the energy our body gets from the food we ingest goes directly to feed the brain. The brain is the hungriest organ in the body, and it needs genuinely healthy sustenance. The same idea carries across any meals we have. Whenever we eat something, we are giving a fifth of that ingested food or drink to our brain to help our whole bodies function.

With this in mind, does it not make complete sense to feed our bodies with the healthy foods that are natural? We not only operate better and clearer, but we also feel and look better and clearer. When it comes down to it, the core of whole health – no matter who you are – is fundamentally structured around ensuring that what we eat and drink is as healthy as we can make it.


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