How to Stay Sober After Rehab


Going to drug or alcohol rehabilitation is an important step for many people with addictions to these substances. It is a safe space while they’re recovering, but it doesn’t last forever.

When they go home, they will face many temptations to drink or go back to drugs. Fortunately, you can continue your recovery after rehabilitation by following these steps.

Find a Support Group

It is vital to get support after getting out of rehab because it can help to talk to others who have similar experiences as you.

Find a support group for your addiction, whether it is alcohol or drug addiction. Go online or ask a counselor at your follow-up appointments for more information on them.

Re-evaluate Friendships

While it may seem harsh, you may need to re-evaluate some of your friendships for a successful recovery. Consider those friends that are always around when you were drinking or taking drugs to decide whether they are enablers. If they are, then distance yourself from them.

Consider Therapy

If you have issues other than your addiction that contributes to it, then consider going to therapy to get treatment for them. Talking to a psychologist or psychiatrist can help recovering addicts resolve issues that they may have dealt with most of their lives.

Keep Appointments

Many rehab facilities utilize a recovery model that includes follow-up appointments to help people make the transition from rehab to the real world again. Keeping your appointments as scheduled can help you maintain sobriety because someone is checking up on you.

If you are going to rehab to start recovering from an addiction, you can look up “rehabilitation centers near me” and get information about their programs.

Take Up a Hobby

To help curb the temptations you may have when you’re alone, take up a hobby in your spare time. If you had art or music therapy, continue with the art, craft, or instrument that you learned in rehab. Find something that you like to occupy your time and mind to keep it off drugs or alcohol.

Change Your Social Life

Many people start their addictions while socializing with friends or by going to parties. They may experiment with drugs or find themselves drinking more than usual when they’re around others.

Instead of going to bars or parties where there are drugs, find other ways to occupy your time. Try going to the theater, joining a book club or gym to maintain your sobriety.

Know the Signs of Relapsing

Doing well in rehab doesn’t guarantee how well you will do after rehab because you may relapse at some point. However, you wouldn’t be the first person to give in to temptation as 40 to 60 percent of recovering addicts deal with relapses at least one time.

Addiction is a chronic illness, and it’s important to learn the symptoms of it while in rehab. Take advantage of your time in a rehab facility to learn about your addiction, the symptoms of it, and how to successfully recover when you go back to everyday life.

Following these steps can help you avoid temptation and stay sober.

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