How To Secure Your Future With Major Critical Illness Health Plans

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At a moment in life, we all plan to have a secured future to ceate wealth and to grow more. But are we ready enough to fight against medical contingencies? The only thing that can help us in the same is our savings but what would you do if you do not have sufficient funds in your accounts.

Apart from this, normal diseases can be cured with your savings but what about the critical one that is very expensive to get treated. What you should do to keep yourself protected against such growing healthcare cost. To deal with such contingencies you must invest in an effective critical illness plan. Once you start having a decent income, it becomes obvious to have an investment in the best health insurance plan and critical illness plan as well. A critical illness plan will be there to support your family when you need it the most.

Does Normal Health Insurance offer Critical Illness cover?

An acute illness will lead a person towards the loss of income, large medical care cost and a drastic change in lifestyle. If a person is diagnosed with any critical illness then normal governmental health care and medical policies have limited pay-out. There would be some limits related to expenses of medicines, ICU bill, etc. Usually, the person end up paying a big amount from their own pockets.

A Critical illness plan will be there to help you to deal with diseaes realated with brains, heart, kidney, organ transplant, and many more

Buying as a Stand-alone or Rider?

You can buy a critical illness plan as a standalone policy or can add the same to your basic health insurance plan as the rider.

Stand-alone – It is an independent policy, under which the insured can claim for the entire amount. It is basically an annual contract that offers coverage against a variety of diseases. A health insurance plan offers the security of a fixed amount.

Riders – It is different from the main standalone policy. You can buy the same by paying an additional cost and can have it as an additional benefit. While opting it as a rider, it is important to have a look at all diseases that this plan covers. Don’t forget that your basic plan gets lapse then this rider will automatically get lapsed.

Advantages of a Critical Illness Policy

As a lump sum amount is fixed and offer immediate then you can plan the treatment accordingly

  • You can combine it along with traditional life insurance policy.
  • The sum will be paid within 30 days of diagnosis
  • The sum is tax-free
  • The huge cost of donor and transplant are covered too, as they are not a part of the basic health insurance policy
  • It is a way cheaper than the indemnity plan
  • Covers care cost, recuperation aid, and free health check-ups

Safe Investment

One of the best thing about investing in a critical-illness plan is that, if there is no claim made during the whole tenure of the policy, then the insurance company will return all premium to the insured.


Having the best health insurance plan that can go well with your needs is a great idea but we can’t ignore critical illness cases that are growing rapidly. Invest in the best critical illness plan today and for the same, you can take help of an online insurance web aggregator.

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