How to Save on Prescriptions Using GoodRx

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The price of prescription drugs has continued to rise due to shortages. Also, manufacturers continue to increase cost especially in cases where there is no competitor. In some cases, the shortage is caused by companies that buy drugs in large quantities. When they do this, they create an artificial scarcity which leads to an increase in price. This article looks at How to Save on Prescriptions Using GoodRx and other options.

  1. Through consumer organizations

Websites such as GoodRx carry out research on prices in different pharmacies and stores. They then come up with a list of stores that stock prescription drugs and their respective prices. It allows consumers to make comparisons before they go out to buy drugs. This way, they end up buying the medication at the least price possible. According to the consumer reports, the price of prescription drugs varies depending on where the store is located. In some cases, they vary even when the pharmacies are located in the same town. The report further revealed that the difference in price could be in hundreds of dollars.  Thus, running a list on GoodRx allows consumers to know where they can buy the product cheaply. 

  1. Shopping online

Pharmacies price the prescription drugs depending on their location. But consumers can use smartphones to search where they can find drugs cheaply.  It allows them to find prescription at the best price possible. The good thing is that most pharmacies sell their products online.  It gives patients a chance to search for the best online price before they place their orders. Once payment has been made, the pharmacies ship the medication directly to the patients.

Alternatively, you can search for the best price with the Lowest Med site. All that you need to do is to log into the site and search the name of the drug. The site will shop the market and tell you the pharmacy around you which carry the medication at the best price.

  1. By joining

Many people are joining Medicare schemes. If you are on regular prescription drugs, you can choose a plan that best suits your situation. The owner of is a doctor. He grew up seeing patients get frustrated as they struggled with medication costs. He came up with the website to help consumers’ access medication at an affordable price.

  1. Go for generic drugs

Generics have the same ingredients found in branded drugs. But they are inexpensive and affordable. For instance, buying a branded cholesterol-lowering drug will cost you $400 for a month’s supply.  But atorvastatin which is a generic version will cost you about $20 for a month’s supply. Hence, do ask your doctor if the generic version is available. If they say yes, go for the generic version. It will help you save a lot.

  1. Buy the bigger dose

If the prescribed drug is split into doses such as 10 mg and 5 mg, buying the bigger dose is always cheaper. Ask your caregiver if the drug can be split. Also, go for a bigger supply. It allows you to buy the drug in bulk and save money. For instance, if you take the medication daily, buy a 90 day supply and ask for a discount.

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