How to Remove Spider Veins?

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Your skin is YOUR asset. When there are certain skin conditions, you feel the need to visit the doctor. Your first thought is that it could be a minor issue, but there are certain skin conditions which require treatment and immediate attention. One of the conditions includes spider veins.

As the name suggests, spider veins have a web-like appearance on the skin. You will find thin reddish, green or bluish lines on your skin which might scare you at first, but it DOES have a cure.

In case you are worried about the thin lines on your skin, it is best to undergo a treatment. Here’s a quick post that talks about the different treatments available.

 What causes spider veins?

Before we move on to the available treatments, it is important to know what causes spider veins. When valves stop functioning properly inside the veins, it causes spider veins. This happens due to the damage and weakening of the valves.

Veins are responsible for bringing back blood to your heart. When valves weaken, the blood finds it difficult to flow in the right direction. Thus, it may create a pool inside your veins. This causes branches which resemble a spider. Other causes include sun damage, pregnancy, usage of birth control pills, alcoholism, harmful UV rays of the sun, aging, loss of collagen, extreme pressure on the skin or bursting of blood vessels.

The Removal Process

In case you are seeing all the symptoms of spider veins, you must consider the following treatments:

  • Laser Therapy – Laser surgery uses light to make the veins disappear. This is a slow process! The light is strong enough to penetrate into your skin and fade away the spider veins. Patients must know that no needles and incisions are needed for this process. This may not be the most effective therapy. Additionally, there are side effects of this treatment that include itching, redness, swelling, and skin tone change.
  • Sclerotherapy – This procedure is much more effective as compared to laser surgery. The doctor will inject a powerful solution that allows blood to change its route and flow through the healthy veins. In just a couple of weeks, the thin lines start fading away. This is not an immediate process and the patient would need to be injected more than just once. There are side effects to this procedure as well that includes itching, change of skin color, and swelling.

If you want to get the spider veins removed, EVLT is a newer procedure for treating spider veins and small varicose veins. The vein specialists have several years of expertise. Additionally, they educate the people about the risk factors and prevention of this condition.

The procedure is safe and the side effects are not life-threatening. Seeing thin lines on your skin can be painful and embarrassing. There are people who embrace the marks on their skin, but for self-confidence and great appearance, you must opt for the surgery. When there is a fix, we see no excuse of not opting for the procedure. Get the spider veins removed by a PRO and bid adieu to the thin lines on your skin forever.  

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