How to Mentally Prepare for an Upcoming Exam


If you have an upcoming exam, you may find that you are stressing out a lot about it. Unfortunately, this can negatively affect how you do on the actual test. This is why you need to get in the right frame of mind before you actually take the test. Here are some ways that you can mentally prepare for an upcoming exam.

Practice Meditation

By practicing meditation, you can clear your mind, and you can feel calmer. Whenever you start to feel anxious about your upcoming exam, meditate. If you haven’t meditated before and aren’t sure how to do it, you can find books to read about it, or you can also look for information online.

Get Enough Sleep

You may be tempted to study so much that you don’t get enough sleep. Unfortunately, this can cause you to have difficulty remembering the information that you studied when you take the actual test. This is why you need to get enough sleep. Don’t be tempted to pull a couple of all-nighters in order to cram for your test. It probably won’t be very helpful in the long run.

Take Practice Tests

You will feel better about your upcoming test if you are fully prepared. One way to do this is by taking a couple of practice tests. You can find practice tests in study guides, online or sometimes at the examination site. For example, aspiring teachers in Texas can take TExES Educational Diagnostician 153 practice tests prior to the actual exam.

Eat Right

What you eat can greatly impact your mental state. Because of this, you really need to focus on eating healthy in the weeks leading up to your examination. Don’t binge on unhealthy foods like chips, cookies, and candy. Pay attention to how much caffeine you are consuming. You may be drinking things like coffee, soda, and energy drinks in order to stay up as long as possible to study. However, this can lead to a foggy mind the next morning, unwanted weight gain and an overall feeling of sluggishness. You should skip these items, and opt for healthier choices like fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein.

Talk to Others Who Have Taken the Same Exam

You are probably feeling nervous because you don’t know what to expect. This is why you should talk to others that have already take the same exam. They can give you pointers and discuss what it was like to take the test. You can ask them questions about what’s on it and how to be better prepared.


If you are having trouble concentrating and are feeling anxious, you should exercise. Going for a run or taking a walk can help you mentally prepare for an upcoming exam. It will help you focus on something else for a bit, help you feel calmer and you also may be able to sleep better each night. Because regular exercise will help with your mental state before your examination, it might also help you to perform better on the actual test.

In conclusion, if you have an upcoming exam, you should do more than just study for this test. You need to also be mentally prepared for it. By doing all of the things mentioned above, you will be in a better state of mind before you take the test which may help you perform better on it.

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