How to Integrate Natural Remedies into Your Lifestyle

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Stress. Deadlines. Rushing from one activity to another. Grabbing meals on the go. We are so busy fulfilling obligations with work and family, that we don’t always take the time we need to do what is best for ourselves. When it comes to our health, there is really nothing more important than doing our best to lead long and healthy lives.

Instead of spending a ton of money on quick-fixes or filling our bodies with harmful chemicals, there are many natural remedies that we can implement to improve our health. But with our busy lifestyles, how can we possibly do this? As with anything, taking a  step-by-step approach and making small changes is the best way to integrate natural remedies into your lifestyle.


One simple way to improve your health is by using spices. These miracles of flavor and medicine will liven up your cooking and offer you many health benefits. Cardamom is a great example. Filled with antioxidants, cardamom packs a punch during cold season, and can be used to alleviate a variety of cold symptoms. When used as an oil it can also help with hydrating your skin. Cardamom is a strong spice often used in vegetable dishes, and also a staple of Turkish coffee. Cinnamon can be added to muffins or baked goods, and is a winner when it comes to keeping sugar levels in check.

The anti-oxidant properties aid with blood pressure, keep insulin levels balanced, and help people avoid diabetes. Ginger is the powerhouse of spices. It is a panacea for stomach problems small and large, from pregnancy morning sickness to indigestion. In root or tea form it can also lower cholesterol and help to maintain heart health. Ginger is a great flavor to add to stir-fries, and ginger snaps and ginger tea are delicious alternate uses of this spice. With many similar properties to ginger, turmeric aids in heart and cholesterol health. It is integral in brain wellness, aiding in focus and fighting off depression. Turmeric also enhances soups and stews, allowing you to try new foods.

Fruits and Vegetables

We all know that incorporating more fruits and vegetables into our diet will positively change our health. Fruits and vegetables offer anti-oxidants and a plethora of vitamins and nutrients that ward off disease and stimulate heart and brain wellness. Chopping up veggies for a salad or fruit for a smoothie can be done in bulk to save time; containers of pre-chopped vegetables are easy to grab on the go. And while you are doing that, there are some alternative uses for fruits and veggies that further integrate natural remedies into your daily life.

Tomatoes, often considered a vegetable, are one of the world’s most versatile fruits. For example, the lycopene in tomatoes can mitigate  dark circles under your eyes. Just apply tomato juice with a cotton ball, let it sit for a little while, and rinse. Tomatoes are also a great balm for skin problems. Apply tomato slices to your face, and the alkalinity will eradicate acne or boils. Cucumbers are another super food.

With their high water content, they are great for hydration and refreshment. But did you know they are great for releasing puffiness under your eyes? Place slices of cucumber under your eyes and the  ascorbic and caffeic acid, powerful antioxidants, will aid in water retention. Cucumber slices can also aid in sunburn relief, and the steam from cucumbers boiling in water can clean and refresh your pores. Finally, lemons offer a variety of natural remedies that are easy to fit into your lifestyle. In addition to freshening foods and offering a boost to your daily water intake, they can also be applied on your skin as a bug repellent. And if you would like to lighten your hair without chemicals, just squeeze lemon juice in and sit in the sun. Lemons also make a great sugar scrub to exfoliate and freshen.

Meditation and yoga

The connection between our mind and body cannot be ignored. The Eastern mystics had it right, but we tend to get too carried away in our Western frenzy for success. Slowing down and focusing on our breathing and our body is an easy way to integrate health. One of the most simple yet profound things you can do for your health is to meditate. Experts recommend 20 minutes a day, but starting with 5-10 minutes a day is a good way to ease in.

This small payout will net huge results, including better sleep, better focus, and stronger mental health. Incorporating yoga into a meditation practice takes it one step further. Yoga increases flexibility, muscle tone, and the mind body connection. There are a variety of positions and styles of yoga, and even 10 minutes a day will help your body to be stronger and healthier.

Consult the experts

There is one thing that is certain about integrating natural remedies into your lifestyle: It can be overwhelming! Some people simply don’t have time in their hectic days to do all the research needed to optimize their health with home remedies. Knowing how to best utilize these remedies without negative interactions, or understanding simple tricks that can offer large pay-offs, takes time and energy. Whether for weight management, immunity boosting, or help sleeping, consulting an expert  like will save you time, energy and money in the long run. Taking the guesswork out of your health initiative and turning to experts is another way to maximize your time and energy when trying to get healthy.

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