How to Get the Most Out of Your Health Insurance Plan

health insurance

The purpose of health insurance is to help you keep your healthcare costs manageable. However, there are many families who aren’t maximizing the benefits their insurance offers. As a result, they may be paying much more than necessary for their healthcare services.

Do you want to ensure you are getting the most out of your policy? If so, use the tips found here.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Plan for Your Family

Before you automatically go with the same insurance plan you had last year, be sure to look at your family’s dental and medical needs. If there is orthodontal work needed in the future, or if someone in your family has recently been diagnosed with a chronic disease, you need to make sure you have the right plan for those conditions. As your healthcare needs change, your plan should, too.

Get to Know Your Plan

The documents you sign when you choose your health insurance plan are important. They provide a lot of insight and information about what you pay for all the services you may need. They also explain things like your premium, deductibles, and other aspects of your health insurance coverage.

The documents also cover the rules of the plan. For example, it will let you know if you should choose a primary care physician in your network or if you require referrals to go to a specialist. By following all the rules in your plan, you can feel confident you are getting the quality care needed without spending too much.

Seek the Help of an Advocate

If you get a big bill for medical services (after surgery or going to the ER), and you aren’t sure how to read it, you can ask for help from a medical billing advocate. They won’t charge you anything if everything is in order. However, if there are questionable charges or errors on the bill, the billing advocate may charge you between one-third and one-half of the total amount they have helped you save. While this is a fee, they may help you save several thousand dollars – or more.

This is particularly beneficial if you are dealing with a complicated medical issue that requires expensive and on-going care. There are even some health insurance companies that have started to provide advocates for their clients. These offer you someone to speak with to ensure you understand your coverage and to answer any questions you may have.

Only Use In-Network Providers

The lowest charges for medical services will be given by hospitals and doctors who are a part of your insurance network. Make sure that any doctor who is treating you or your family is actually on your insurance plan. Also, make sure a doctor you want to use is affiliated with a hospital that is listed as being “in-network” by your insurance policy.

Max Out Your Deductible to Make the Most of Your Policy

After you have reached your deductible, in most health insurance plans, you won’t pay as much out of your own pocket for the healthcare services you need and use. If you have met your yearly deductible for the year, this is the time you should schedule your appointments for skin screenings, hearing screenings, eye checkups, and any other services that are needed for you and your kids. By doing this, you will pay much less.

Order Your Prescriptions Through the Mail

If you have medications you use on a long-term basis, you can reduce the cost and hassle if you order the pills through one of the subscription services that is covered by your insurer. By using the 90-day supply options and mail order services, you can reduce the total dispensing fees, helping you save hundreds of dollars or more per year, depending on the number of prescriptions you take or need.

As you can see, there are several things you can do to make the most of your health insurance policy. If you don’t think you are doing everything you can now, make some changes to use the tips and information found here. This is going to pay off and help you get the care you need while minimizing your costs.


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