How to Get Great Dental Implants and Enjoy a Holiday in Poland at the Same Time

dental implants

Uhm, yes, you read that right.

You can enjoy a holiday at the same time as perfecting your smile with dental treatment in Poland. It might seem like a strange concept, but dental tourism is big business right now.

There are a few reasons, and we will dig into them now.

Why To Research Dental Tourism?

Well, imagine you could arrange to have something like a bridge, or some dental implants on a few teeth that are really annoying you. Get an airport transfer – often by a private car and driver, a beautiful apartment, your dental work, sightseeing, an exclusive lounge, immediate follow-up care within days – at a fraction of the regular price in the UK or US.

They are just some of the things that are included in most dental packages when you start looking into dental tourism.

If the dental implants aren’t enough, the sightseeing with a brand new smile is a pretty sweet deal.

In general, the more work you actually need, the more you are going to save on getting it done. Dentists in many countries are not paid as handsomely as UK or US dentists, so they have found a way to make their qualifications and skill work for them, and their prospective patients.

You should note that any country in the EU is under strict regulations about their establishment and how they treat their patients. So with a little research, you can find a dentist that uses cutting-edge equipment and techniques – without the hefty price tag.


Well, dental care and offers in some countries in the EU, in this case, Poland are incredibly high. They have paid attention to the trends that are emerging and put in place amazing offers for their potential clients.

First, you will decide that Poland is the place for you. There is a lot to see and do, and it is the perfect place to spend a week or two with your best buddy.

If you don’t know if you can cover the whole thing from your own pocket, there are actually many facilities like dental loans and finance offers so you could pay for your new smile over time.

Once you have selected your dental practice, you can give them a call or reach out via email. There are also dental tourism travel agents, who can help you find what is right for you too. And the agent is more likely to be able to get you an even cheaper deal and get extra things added on to your package – after all, it’s what they do. Of course, you should remember that if you do go with a travel agent, you are going to be paying a little more on top.

Poland, in particular, has a lot of UK residents travel to them for dental treatment, which means there won’t be a language barrier and they are very skilled at what they do – obviously.

You are going to have to provide them with a panoramic dental X-ray so that the clinic can discuss with you what you need, and how they could make that work. You can get a range of quotes and choose the one that fits you best. Many clinics have a partner clinic in the UK who can do the X-ray and provide follow up care in the future. So you won’t be missing out on quality care once you leave Poland.

Why Is Poland Cheaper?

The dental pricing is a reflection of the economy of the country. Living costs, wages, and business overheads are a lot lower. This enables them to provide the same services, treatment, and cleanliness as any other country – but for a lot less, price wise.

Sign Me Up!

Well, of course. You need to start by doing some research into what you want and what is available. Your price bracket will have an impact on this – but a single tooth in the UK can cost around £2000+. So you’re already saving a considerable amount whatever way you slice it.

You should remember that when you arrive, you will likely need to go to the first consultation of your holiday within a day. After that is your treatment day, so you for the days in between plan some sightseeing trips. The day of your treatment you are unlikely to really feel like going on a tour of the nearest village or city, and the following days you will probably need to return to the clinic for some aftercare and advice. But, if you plan a week-long stay, you can fit everything in and really have a stunning holiday. One that when you return, you’ll have a stunning smile too!

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