How To Clear Out Negative Energy In Your Life

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Negative energy, or stagnant energy, comes from people you encounter, your surroundings, and even your mind. When you feel this energy, it provides a negative response in you. It is something that can ruin your day at a moment’s notice.

This type of bad energy can be the result of someone’s nasty comments or simply disapproval of everything around them. You’ll meet people who portray positive vibes, but unfortunately, you’ll also come across those who are negative all around. The latter group of people doesn’t care how many people they are upset with their behavior.

So, how do you prevent bad energy? There are a few different ways to keep these bad vibes from impacting your well-being:

Avoid Negative People

The best way to prevent negative energy in your life is to avoid people spilling their bad vibes onto others. If you know someone is negative, keep your interactions with them as limited as possible.

Strive for a Positive Environment

If the energy is coming from a less than the favorable environment, avoid it like you would people. And if you can’t stay out of that negative space, turn it into a positive one.

Improve Your Responses to Negative Energy

If you can’t change the negativity of people and the environment around you, work on how you respond to these negative vibes. Pursue each day with a positive attitude and know that you are responsible for your inner calm and overall happiness.

Repair or remove broken things from your home.

Open the windows to create a draft to let some fresh air flow throughout the house and break stagnation.

Marni Goldman is a Spiritual Life Coach and author of “True To Myself: Peace, Love, Marni.” Goldman, the daughter of drug-addicted mother, has survived a life of depression, ADHD, childhood PTSD, anxiety, and a leukemia diagnosis. Goldman works with people all over the world to help them transcend and heal emotional traumas.


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