How To Choose A Medical Malpractice Lawyer

medical malpractice

When you or a family member has been the unfortunate victim of medical malpractice, then you may be seeking legal representation. As you may know, medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States today. However, it can still be difficult to find a lawyer or legal team that will fight for you. These are a few things that you should look for in a malpractice lawyer.   

Years of Experience    

When you need a lawyer, you want someone who is experienced in that area. Medical malpractice cases are incredibly complicated and often involve medical and legal jargon. Lawyers who are experienced in this field can navigate the medical terms and procedures. When you meet with a potential lawyer, ask if that person has any experience in cases similar to yours. Ask about their most recent settlement and how many wins or losses they’ve had. These basic questions will give you an idea of their experience.     

Ability to Fund the Case    

Since medical malpractice cases can take a long time to get through the legal system, you need to make sure that you’ll be able to take care of the costs before signing up. Each lawyer or firm probably has a different payment schedule and billing practices. If you’re already struggling financially, it may be a good idea to look for medical malpractice lawyers who don’t take any fees unless you receive compensation.     

Timing of the Case    

Although it can be difficult for a lawyer to give you an exact answer, they should be able to give you a ballpark figure of how long they think your case will last. It’s important that your lawyer has this knowledge and can take you through scenarios where the case may be settled quickly or take longer to reach an outcome. If your lawyer seems clueless in this area, you probably should seek elsewhere.     

Knowledge Base    

Some lawyers or firms have physicians on staff or some may even be medical doctors themselves who have changed careers to law. In order to prove both causation and negligence in these cases, all medical cases are going to require evidence from medical experts. You need to know what you’ve done, why it went wrong, and who exactly is at fault. Many of these cases are lost in a trial because the attorney wasn’t able to present a clear and compelling argument to the jury.     

Make sure that your lawyer has the knowledge needed in the medical field, but also can explain complicated medical terms in easy-to-understand language. If you can’t understand what a lawyer is saying, chances are, most other people won’t be either. Look for a lawyer who speaks clearly and can break down complicated subjects.     

Although finding a medical malpractice lawyer can take some time, it’s well worth spending a little extra effort in this area. You truly want the best for your case so don’t settle for a lawyer who won’t represent you well. Use these ideas to get an idea of what makes for an expert lawyer in the medical field. Your chances of a settlement or winning are much better.

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