How to calculate compensations for personal injuries

personal injury

When calculating the compensations for personal injuries, plaintiffs are required to include a number of types of costs incurred, associated directly to the accident. An online personal injury calculator is an useful tool for determining an approximate settlement amount and it offers a good starting value that the plaintiff can use during the negotiation phase and later on when submitting the personal injury claim.

What types of damages are included in the compensations?

When calculating the damages, plaintiffs will typically refer to the following:

  • Medical care: the bills for medical services needed immediately after the accident;
  • Future medical care: any other subsequent treatment that may be required by the victim in relation to the accident;
  • Lost income: the income lost as a direct result of the accident, during the initial hospitalization period;
  • Future lost income: any income lost as a result of a prolonged inability to work because of the accident;
  • Damages: property damage, vehicle or motorcycle damage and other damages brought to the plaintiff’s property.

The prices for dental services needed as a result of the accident can also be included in the total medical bills when entering the value for this particular type of compensation.

How can one claim compensations for pain and suffering?

While pain and suffering after an accident are not as easily quantifiable as the medical bills and other types of damages, they can be included in the final compensation amount.

In these cases, when the victim has suffered greatly as a result of the accident, a settlement calculator is accurate for general estimates only. In simple personal injury cases, it can be very useful to determine a base amount from which the plaintiff may start his or her negotiation. However, it can only be used as a guideline. When calculating the monetary compensation that can be attributed to emotional distress, victims can use a multiplier that will be added to the initial settlement estimate. The greater the pain, suffering and the emotional impact, the higher the multiplier.

Victims of personal injury accidents should remember that online tools for calculating the compensations can be used only for instructional purposes, not as qualified legal advice. Only a personal injury lawyer has the needed experience to provide accurate information about the settlement amount that should be claimed by the plaintiff.

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