How Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Steroids changed my life


Testosterone is a male hormone that regulates fertility, muscle mass, bone density, fat distribution, red blood cell production and sexual life.  If the T levels drop below the healthy levels it can lead to many problems like infertility, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, swollen or enlarged breast tissues, loss of body hair, strength muscle bulk and disturbed sexual life all these symptoms can create a lot of stress in regular life. Chronic or constant low levels can also lead to mood swings and testicular shrinkage. 

What Happens When Your Testosterone Is Low

Not everyone knows that when the testosterone level starts falling down men unknowingly start acting weird, the sound frustrated, angered, lost and confused because they don’t know that body is going through changes that are affecting their overall health.   When I started to face such issues I came across an article related to testosterone low-level issues. Most of the symptoms matched with my condition.   I was having erectile dysfunction, I used to feel tired and it was happening from past 2 years and slowly the problems increased. Relationship with my wife was doomed, my performance at the office had reduced and no matter how much I work out my body kept losing muscle mass. The worst part was there was no one I could share my problem with.  But after reading the article I did some more research and then I met the doctor and this is how my life changed after going through testosterone replacement therapy.

Review About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

As I discussed my problems with the doctor he suggested me to get my testosterone levels tested.  My test results showed extremely low levels. After the discussion he suggested me to go through testosterone replacement therapy and it was one of the best decisions ever.  I was told it will take around 2-3 weeks to show the results after the procedure and initially, it will also be painful.  After the 2 weeks, the results were subtle but I was feeling more interested in my work as well as personal life.  Later, I noticed I was sexually ravenous when I got in bed with my wife I was excited and after months I and my wife got close and enjoyed like initial days of marriage.

Side Effects

Yes, there were some side effects as well with the rise in hormone my anger level also raised, I faced oily skin and acne issue and sometimes I had headaches after waking up but as the treatment continued all these problems vanished.


Moral of the story “never ignore your symptoms and talk to someone you trust about your problems.” Sulking alone is not the solution if you see any symptoms that are negative and troubling you see your doctor,  talk openly about your problems get yourself tested and if your T levels are low go through the therapy suggested by your doctor but first understand the side effects and benefits of the treatment.   The one thing that is important to note is that these levels tend to drop as men age but this is not only the case, in many men like me, T levels have gone down at an unexpected age and there are several reasons behind it. Thus, diagnose your problem and get yourself treated with the right procedure.

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