How Technology Can Improve Your Health in 5 Ways?


Technology has been inculcated in almost every aspect of life. It can get very overwhelming at times but that’s simply because it provides a lot of benefits to our day to day life. Internet and technology have made the information readily available to us. It is keeping us informed and educated about everything that is happening around. Recently it has been observed that cable TV and the internet has promoted fitness big time. They are motivating people from their core to get a healthy lifestyle. You can even get yourself cable TV packages which allow you to choose your favorite TV channels, be it HBO or VERIA. In this article, we are going to discuss how health technology has influenced us to get into shape and have a healthy lifestyle.

1.    Improved Communication With Medical Professionals:

Technology is encouraging digital communication in real-time. Instead of emailing your reports to your doctor or medical practitioners, use MyChart. This application offers a digital platform that allows patients and doctors to interact with one another. Patients can drop messages, schedule appointments, share medical reports and keep a track of their medical history through this app. A little investment in maintaining good health is for everyone’s best interest. Digital platforms like MyChart are providing a great facility in maintaining good health and thorough track of your medical history. It facilitates the communication between the medic and patient.

2.    Kickstart Your Fitness Regime With Technology:

People think that technology has reduced physical activity and made people lazier. However, as Rick Smolan said “Every time a new tool or tech piece is introduced, whether a phone or some other gadget they have a positive and negative use to it. Technology is neutral and it totally depends on the users how they utilize its potential.”

World Health Organization confirmed that 1.9 billion of adults from 18 and above are overweight. You’ll be surprised to know that 650 million of them are recorded to be obese. Obesity can lead to serious health issues that might turn into long term complications.

Aside from binge-watching, there are several great tools available online which can help you get in good shape. Here are some amazing fitness apps you need to check right now.

  • 7-minute Workout by Wahoo Fitness
  • Runtatistic
  • Asana Rebel: Yoga and Fitness
  • My Virtual Mission
  • Couch to 5k Runner
  • Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer
  • Fitbody Weight Lifting Trainer

3.    Track Your Fitness and Nutrition:

There are several devices and fitness apps out there that enable you to track your fitness and nutrition intake. Wearable technology gave a great boost to this trend. Like Lively Wearable devices are specially designed for elders so that they can keep a thorough track of their vitals and physical activities, etc. These devices also remind you of your medications and are efficient enough to connect with medical assistance in case of an emergency. Even the new smartphones coming up in the market are capable of tracking your footsteps and keeping count of your calories. MyFitnessPal- is my favorite mobile app which makes fitness tracking easier than it ever was.

Here are a few amazing fitness tracking apps other than MyFitnessPal:

  • Runkeeper
  • Strava
  • Sworkit
  • Fitbit
  • Aaptiv

4.    Increased Awareness:

Increased awareness due to health technology has made people aware of the diseases and how they can be controlled in natural ways. The Internet has become a hub of information where you can easily find out which new virus is going around and how it can be treated with natural ingredients and exercises. You can also discover ways to find your inner peace. Find yourself effective therapies which can keep you focused and efficient in your routine. These therapies make your head strong and enable you to tackle tough situations effectively. This increased awareness of content has made everyone well informed about the health situations, motivating them to adopt a better and healthy way of living.

5.    Internet Is Your New Coach To Meditation:

Meditation has many benefits, for instance, it helps relieve stress, concentrate on work, controls anxiety and makes you healthy, fit and young for a longer period of time. Finding yourself a great yogi or meditation expert can cost you a fortune. Certainly, not everyone can afford such a luxury. However, now it is not some luxury which is only limited to privileged people. Grab your phone or laptop, open YouTube and voila, you have got yourself a coach that doesn’t cost you a single penny. Reading a blog, following some Instagram blogger and reading some post online can help you gain great insight into the meditation. YouTube videos guided me through every step of meditation and now I have learned enough that I can easily teach someone else to practice meditation in order to acquire peace of mind as well as body.

Technology has been integrated into the health industry to provide better and efficient diagnosis as well as to keep people aware of the ongoing health threats. Internet is playing a great role in keeping people informed as well as providing them with smart solutions which doesn’t really require much money, yet allows health technology to be part of our life..

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