How Sitting can be Injurious to Health


Are you aware of the updated saying, ‘Sitting is the new smoking‘? A sedentary lifestyle can harm your body as much as smoking does. 

You do not believe me? I have listed below a few facts which will help you to understand how harmful a sedentary life can be;


You must already be aware of the fact that sitting too much means lack of exercise hence you will gain excessive weight. Also, too much sitting will make it difficult for your body to digest food hence your body will retain more fat and will not be able to burn it effectively.

Legs and Glutes:

If you are sedentary most of the day, you will start losing your leg and gluteal muscles which will make you weak. These muscles are important to maintain strong legs so that you can walk easily, especially when you get older. If you lose these muscles, the chances of you getting injured due to a fall in higher.


Sitting too long may cause stiffness in the back and poor posture may lead to lower back pain. It can also cause spine compression which can be painful to deal with. Physiotherapy experts from who specialize in treating back, shoulder and neck pains suggest that regular activity should be a part of your routine if you wish to prevent back pain. Keep yourself active and if you sit, make sure your posture is right.

Heart Disease:

Sitting will cause you to gain weight which will, in turn, cause cardiovascular disorders. Experts suggest that adding a little activity to your day like 30 minutes’ walk can help you manage your weight and keep your heart healthy.

Lifestyle Disorders:

Studies suggest that the sedentary lifestyle leads to lifestyle disorders such as thyroid, diabetes, and hypertension. When your body lacks activity, the organs do not function well hence this may give rise to such ailments. these conditions can be managed by proper diet and exercise.

Depression and Anxiety:

You must be wondering how sitting is related to depression. You can sit at one place and watch Netflix the entire day happily, why would you get depressed? Depression does not happen overnight of course, but studies have proved that people who do not move much are prone to anxiety and depression. This may be due to the fact that physical exercise releases happy hormones which sitting does not. Hence start moving if you wish to be happy. 

Technology has made everything so convenient that you just do not need to move and you will still get everything on your doorstep. This is a boon but also a curse if you misuse it. Add simple activities in your day-to-day life. Start with 30 minutes walking every day and run your own errands rather than using your smartphone. After a while, you may join a fitness studio or a gym to increase your activity. You can be assured that improving your lifestyle will make a big difference in your overall wellness.

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