How Do You Lose Weight and Enjoy It?


While a lot of people have set out to lose weight, only very few of them actually achieved their goal. What is even more worrisome is that some of those that were able to shed a considerable amount of weight ended up gaining it back. The problem is that keeping slim and trim requires a permanent change in lifestyle.   

The weight loss is not permanent. No supplement can make it permanent. Once you relapse into your old unhealthy habit and diet, you will gain the weight back faster than you lost it. Here is the problem. Weight loss programs are not fun! Weight loss diets lack variety and most of the meals are not as tasty as unhealthy foods. Workouts are not fun. This is why after losing some weight, people find it difficult to continue with the healthy lifestyle.   

This article offers a few tips to add fun and pleasure to your weight loss program. By adding some fun to it, you may find it easier to stick to it for the rest of your life.   

Find a workout group

When you are trying to lose weight, it is a good idea to find friends in your neighborhood with the same goal. It is more interesting when you carry out your workouts together. Of course you can also hit the gym, but the problem with that is that those you will always meet may not be your friends. They will be total strangers to you.   

With your friends, it will be fun. You could also include a little bit of competition. You can compete among yourselves who can do a particular exercise longer or more times. Find out who can do push-ups the highest number of times. The competition will not only add fun to your workout sessions, it will also make you work out longer.  

Look for sugar free alternatives of your favorite snacks

Many people actually believe that you need to give up on snacks totally. While this is a good idea, it is not advisable because giving up on snacks will only increase your cravings. Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before you give in to the craving.   

Instead, you can switch to sugar-free snacks. There are so many sugar free, but tasty snacks that you can take. For those that love chocolate, instead of giving it up, you can switch to sugar free chocolate chips. There are several nice sugar free, but nice drinks too. Instead of taking soda, you can switch to those drinks.  

Check your weight

It is also a great idea to keep checking all your weight on a daily basis. Nothing will give you both pleasure and motivation like noticing a drop in your weight. You could turn this into some kind of competition among your friends. All of you will check your weights before you start and you will all keep checking it on a daily basis. Anyone who is able to shed the most weight will be the leader until another person overtakes him or her.  

Conclusively, after about a year, the program may have become your permanent lifestyle and you may no longer need your friends to continue. Finally, you should also keep researching on healthy but tasty meals. There are many of them.

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